20 Free Wix Website Templates for Zero Coding Websites

Thursday, June 21, 2018

If you’re looking to set up a website and don’t know coding, then free Wix templates are the solution. You can easily create professional-looking websites with Wix and you can benefit from many advantages, like the easy setup and customization process, the modern design and other wonderful options. So, we’ve created a list of 20 free Wix website templates for no-coding websites that we’re sure you’ll find inspiring.

Vintage Car Garage

Vintage Car Garage Wix template creates a deep visual impact through the entire design but also with many dynamic and attractive elements. This free Wix template is minimalistic and elegant, and it’s centered on fullscreen high-quality car images. This free template is dedicated to any car and motorcycle enthusiasts and to automotive specialists.

1 Vintage Car Garage Free Wix Website Templates

Featured Book Store

Featured Book Store is a Wix template that is free to use and that is dedicated to digital bookstores, ebooks websites, and online magazines publishers. It comes with an elegant look, a well-structured design, many layout templates, great website sections and many other great features for an enriching experience.

2 Featured Book Store Free Wix Website Template

Music Art

Music Art Wix website template has a simple, neat, modern and elegant design and it’s dedicated to music related websites. It can be used by any music professionals, singers, songwriters and musicians or bloggers to display recent works, affiliations, and preferences and promote videos and songs. This free Wix template comes with great customization tools, an easy to use interface, a fully responsive design and much more.

3 Music Artist Free Wix Web Templates

Actor & Model Resume

Actors, models and tv personalities can use this website template to highlight their skills, present their resume and make sure they get noticed. The design is refreshing, classy and elegant, fully responsive and it comes with simple to use customization tools, helpful sections, and menus to display, and many other dynamic elements that will help to create a perfect website.

4 Actor & Model Resume Free Wix Web Template

Japanese Restaurant

This Wix template is dedicated to culinary and restaurant websites. The design is ultra light, minimalistic and creative, 100% responsive and highly customizable.

Free Japanese Restaurant Website Template From Wix

Celebration Cakes

Celebration Cakes has a minimalistic and joyful design and was created especially for any cake designers, pastry chefs, and bakeries. The appealing design is fully responsive and looks perfect on any device and it’s great for pastry products portfolios for those people who wish to utilize the Wix website building platform.

Cake / Bakery Website Template from Wix - Free

Construction Company

As the name states, this Wix template is best suited for any building construction company. It can be used to display recent works and services through a great portfolio template. It comes with a fully responsive design and easy to use customization tools.

 Construction Company - Free Wix Website Template

Success Coach

Success Coach is a free Wix template for personal coaches and it comes with a minimalistic and modern design, great image galleries, layout templates and sections, great tools for customization and many other cool features.

Success Coach - Free Wix Website Theme

The Consultant

The Consultant represents a great solution if you’re searching for a website template for Wix that would highlight your services and make the perfect presentation of how can you help people as a personal consultant. The design is modern, neat and well-organized, fully responsive and highly customizable so that you can create an attractive website without paying any fees.

The Consultant - Free Wix Website Themes

Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurant free Wix template is based on high-quality and deep visual impact full-screen images of attractive dishes. As the name states, it’s a perfect choice for any vegetarian restaurant to display the price menu and info about recipes and the place. It comes with great gallery sections, powerful tools for customization and optimization, a fully responsive design that looks perfect on any device and many other great features.

Vegetarian Restaurant - Wix Website Template Free

Accountancy Firm

Accountancy Firm Wix template makes a great landing page for an accountancy company and it comes with features like a fully responsive design, a classy, elegant and professional look, great customization tools, well-structured layouts and sections and much more. Best of all, it’s free.

Accounting Firm - Free Wix Website Template

Fashion Designer

Like any other fashion related website, this Wix template is aiming to create a deep visual impact on the visitor. Thus, the design is ultra minimalistic, modern and classy and is based on fullscreen high-quality images of fashion products. Easy to install and use, this free Wix theme would make a perfect choice for any fashion blog, fashion photographers or online fashion store websites.

Free Wix Website Template - Fashion Designer

Pop Up Fashion Store

This free Wix template is dedicated to online stores websites and it comes with great customization tools, a fully responsive design, a dynamic set of elements created especially to help you display info and product images and many other great options to help you set up your shop.

 Pop Up Fashion Store - Free Wix Website Templates

Architect Company

If you’re an architect and you’re looking to build your own website to showcase your works, then Architect Company is a perfect choice when it comes to free Wix website templates. Not only it can be used as a portfolio landing page for a single professional but also for a big architecture company as it has a professional, clean, modern and minimalistic design that can create a deep visual impact. It can be easily customized and you can personalize the aspect and make it represent your principles. This Wix template comes with great customization tools, many layouts, sections and portfolio options and the design looks professional, classy and perfect for any device.

Architect Company - Free Wix Template

Wedding Cakes

This free Wix theme has an elegant and modern vibe, simple and clean look,  impressive image galleries and many options for layouts and sections. The design is fully responsive and looks perfect on any device. This theme has a great support, an easy setup and customization process and much more.

Wedding Cakes - Free Wix Template

Urban Photography

Urban Photography is a free website template for Wix, dedicated to professional photographers. It’s perfect to showcase works, and it comes with a full-width gallery, an ultra minimalistic design, and many great tools for customization.

Urban Photography - Free Wix Template

Food Photographer

Food Photographer is a template for Wix best suited for professional food photographers, chefs and cooking blogs. It has various portfolio layouts, multiple options for sections and for customization and the design is fully responsive.

Food Photographer Free Wix Template

Vegan Restaurant

Vegan Restaurant free Wix template is easy to install and use, has a modern and neat design and is best suited for vegan restaurants. It’s fully responsive on any device, has great customization tools and many other helpful features.

Vegan Restaurant Free Wix Theme

Phone & Tablet Store

This free Wix template is perfect for any online store selling electronic products such as phone and tablets. The design is dynamic and modern, fully responsive and easy to customize.

Phone & Tablet Store Free Wix Themes

Running Group

Running Group is a free Wix website template dedicated to sports activities such as running, jogging and fitness meetups. The design is clean, neat and modern, fully responsive to any device and perfect for sport-related websites. With this template is very easy to change all the images and videos, and any other design element.

Running Group Free Wix Website Template 

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Top 15 Tools and Resources That Designers And Developers Should Check Out

Most web designers like and accept occasional challenges. But the challenge of keeping up with the latest technologies can be overwhelming. It’s sometimes tempting to continue doing what you’re doing now.

It’s also possible that you’re trying too hard to become an expert at everything new that’s being thrown your way. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who are making a living by building the needed tools. These tools can help you to successfully apply these new technologies to your work.

You don’t always have to strive to be a guru. You simply have to know how to put these new tools to use.

This might be a good time to take stock of the computing tools you have. Do any needed changes to keep fully in tune with the latest trends and technologies. Any of these 15 tools and resources should help you get started.

  1. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a free, WordPress drag & drop page builder that makes it easy for you to visually create stunning websites without fuss or code. Elementor is also considered the best website builder in the industry for several reasons.

It’s super-fast, you can use it on any theme, it’s developer friendly, and because it features live frontend editing, you always have total control over what you’re doing and where you’re going, everything is intuitive.

This remarkable website-building tool has been popular from day one. In 2 years it already has 900,000+ loyal users. Elementor is extremely easy to use and offers excellent performance and superior workflow characteristics.

You’ll value the comprehensive pre-designed template library even though Elementor can work with any template and it also has some very unique features such as:theme builder, blocks, role manager and visual form builder are just a few that make it stand out above the rest.

  1. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise’s specialty is mobile-friendly websites, making it an ideal addition to your digital toolbox if building mobile-friendly websites is your design specialty as well. This free website builder is also an ideal choice if your projects include small to medium websites, landing pages, promo pages, or portfolios.

You can build any or all the above website projects without coding since all the necessary website-building tools and design elements are included in the package. You can expect to find a library of 7,000 icons, a library of 850 fonts, 500,000 free images, and an impressive selection of 1,200+ trendy content blocks and templates.

Since Mobirise is drag and drop it’s easy to work with. Mobirise is also offline, so you’ll have total control over how you build your products, including where and how you intend to host them.

You can use Mobirise for both personal and commercial purposes without any restrictions.

  1. Amelia – Enterprise-Level WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin


You’ll save time and money by being able to dispense with having to make or answer phone calls to schedule appointments, playing phone tag for the same purpose, or resorting to back and forth emails. This wpDataTables’ backed Amelia WordPress plugin enables your business to automatically schedule and organize appointments 24/7. Clients and customers can schedule an appointment with their computer or smartphone (employees can do the same).

Amelia keeps track of everything from scheduled appointments, appointment changes, follow-up appointments and pending, rejected, and cancelled appointments. You can also rely on Amelia to automatically send out special event invitations or birthday greetings. Amelia will also assist in managing team workflows and personnel schedules.

Amelia is easy to set up and use and no special technical skills are required, and its interface’s frontend elements can be customized to match your company’s brand. As Amelia just launched, it is available at a promotional price for several weeks, so hurry before it goes up.

  1. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

It normally takes time to get first-class results. When you have the right tools, however, it takes less of it – as is the case with Uncode. Uncode is a multiuse theme featuring excellent portfolio building capabilities.

You save time by not having to start from scratch and save even more by not having to code. You’ll be especially impressed by several of Uncode’s newest features like Slides Scroll, the Gallery Manager, and Shape Dividers.

  1. monday.com

monday.com is a team management tool that enables teams to manage all aspects of project tasks and assignments from a single platform. It offers exceptional performance whether the team consists of you and one other person or is made up of thousands.

This team management tool can be used by both tech- and non-tech-oriented teams to improve collaboration, promote project transparency, and boost productivity.

  1. Nutcache

This all-inclusive business-oriented project management application was designed to be used by creative and developer teams adhering to Agile processes and principles including users and devotees of Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

Designers, developers, and project managers alike can profit by using Nutcache to manage their project estimating and budgeting, time and expense tracking, and final billing tasks.

  1. Salesmate

Salesmate is a customer relationship management WordPress application you can use to engage and capture leads, organize them in accordance with their needs, views, and interests, and move them through the various phases of your sales cycle.

The net result is the ability to keep in better touch with and manage your leads to win more business.

  1. 34,000 Icons Full Bundle by Roundicons.com

Take advantage of what Roundicons.com can provide and you’ll likely never have to look for another resource like this one again. For a one-time affordable payment, you can download their icons packs containing 34,000 flat, full, doodle, solid, and other icon types in common formats.

They come with a commercial license, and all 34,000 are yours at a 20% discount when you use coupon code R120OFFALL.

9.Themify Ultra

Themify ultra is an extremely flexible multipurpose theme you can use to build an unlimited number and variety of sites for a variety of clients. You’ll have a large selection of pre-designed layouts to work with including header, footer, and post layouts.

Themify Ultra’s many popular features include WooCommerce support and a free portfolio post type plugin.

  1. Houzez

Building a website or application for a realtor or realty agency isn’t the easiest task you could take on unless you’re working from a theme that’s dedicated to this particular business sector – as is the case with Houzez. Its high support level makes it a perfect companion.

Houzez’ many unique and special features include advanced property search capabilities, listings format options, and the new search composer and custom fields builder that makes Houzez more flexible and powerful than ever.

  1. Beamer

Beamer provides online stores and brick and mortar stores having an online presence with an effective newsfeed and changelog capability. Beamer’s online newsfeed can be seamlessly inserted in a website’s “What’s New” page to supplant less effective methods such as blogs or email newsletters. Beamer can be used to announce product or service changes or promotions and customers have reported over 10x more user engagement compared to other methods.

  1. Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox is an online website builder designed with photographers, artists, and other creatives in mind. This unique portfolio and website builder is not theme-based plus it’s flexible and easy to work with and requires no coding.

This website builder offers free templates for users. The free plan can upload 10 pages, 10 products, and 50 images.


If you’ve been on the lookout for a stock photo resource that’s guaranteed to have what you need you’ll find it in Stockfresh. This up-and-coming agency has a storehouse of millions of stock photos and vector images at competitive prices and discounts.

Give Stockfresh a try; and be sure to stay tuned for your other design needs as they expand into templates, themes, fonts, and other goodies.

  1. PhotoBlocks Grid Gallery

Photoblocks is a visual drag and drop WordPress gallery builder that’s guaranteed to give you pixel-perfect results in your quest to build an online gallery to showcase your artistic work or your products. Since the builder is responsive, your gallery will scale up or down appropriately in response to screen size.

Photoblocks offers selections of different hover effects and social sharing icons and also supports filters.

  1. The Web Designer YouTube Channel

            Visit The Web Designer YouTube channel for the up-to-date information you can apply to your daily design work. In addition to design tips and real web design examples, The Web Designer channel features high-quality UX, UI, WordPress, and other tutorials.

As this subscription service was initiated to help its viewers acquire more and better-paying assignments, it will be worthwhile looking into.


Choose one or more of these 15 best-in-their-class tools and resources. They can easily help you keep up with the latest web design technologies. They will improve your design/development products, project collaboration, and transparency.

They are either free to try, completely free, or quite affordable. ?You can’t make a bad choice as far as quality of product or service is concerned.

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Design your way

So, what are B2B websites? B2B websites are business-to-business websites. They are designed to sell a company’s products and services to business customers instead of retail customers. They are actually quite common, though naturally your average customer sees very little of them.

A typical site is focused on selling products and services to customers like you and me, while a B2B website is focused on selling products and services to businesses. B2B websites typically have medium-to-long selling cycles. The best B2B websites have a sales team that engages with the site’s customers in order to facilitate sales.

Here is a quick guide to making some great B2B website designs.

Important Elements of B2B Website Design

Most consumers engage with a B2B website by finding the B2B website using a search engine. Good search engine optimization are key for smart B2B website design. You’ll need to develop a keyword strategy and work on some on-page search engine optimization techniques.

bugsnag.com_-700x375 Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

The best B2B websites are built on a content management system. Drupal and WordPress are two of the most common. A content management system helps to tie all the elements of the B2B website together.

B2b websites are often optimized to have full e-commerce capabilities or to capture sales leads. Those optimized to capture leads frequently use landing pages that integrate with CRM as well as marketing automation systems.

sendbloom.com_-700x375 Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Those B2B websites with full e-commerce capability give customers the opportunity to purchase products and services online without involving sales. These also tend to integrate with order fulfillment, backend inventory, and accounting systems.

It’s important to remember that 94% of buyers on B2B buyers conduct online research before they make any purchases. It is vital for your B2B website to make a good first impression. This is the best way to make sure the site can generate leads and sales. The best way to hook site visitors and keep them in tested is through clean B2B website design and intuitive functionality.

Think about some of the following stats:

  • 48% of people identify a website’s design as the biggest factor in deciding a company’s credibility.
  • If given 15 minutes to view the content, two-thirds of people would rather read a site that is beautiful and well-made instead of a plain website.
  • 38% of people stop looking at a site if the content and/or layout are unattractive.

In light of this information and the key elements of B2B website design, here are some tips and tricks to help you make an effect B2B website.

Tips and Tricks for Good B2B Website Design

Keep a Professional Tone and Appearance

achievers Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Many business websites, whether they’re trying to appeal to consumers or other businesses, are becoming more creative and casual. This offers a lot of flexibility and design freedom, but you shouldn’t take it too far.

You need to make sure your B2B website includes a high and consistent level of professional, including site organization, language, image quality, and just about every element of the website design.

Keep Navigation Simple

siftery.com_-700x375 Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Every website has a very specific user goal. Users typically expect to solve a problem, learn some new info, or make purchases. Make it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for to accomplish their goal. 76% of website users say the most important part of website design is how easy it is for them to find what they want.

Your navigation design should highlight your products or services, your contact info, and a clear call to action.

You should get rid of unnecessary links that distract visitors from the B2B website’s main goal, which could be lead generation, sales, or brand awareness. Every other piece of relevant info should be organized within a clear hierarchy that makes the most sense for your company.

Use High-Quality Product Images

medallia.com_services_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Most companies use their website to either sell a product or service or use it to generate interest in their brand. This means that you should showcase what you have to offer on the B2B website with high-quality images.

If users can’t see clearly what you’re offering, they will not trust either the company or your products, meaning that you will lose potential customers. Take the time, effort, and resources to make sure every image of your product is high-quality and professional.

Use Clear Language

kekselias.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Avoid using marketing talk. B2B website buyers want you to get your point out quickly. They understand and expect technical and industry terms. Your target audience are subject matter experts. They won’t fall for gimmicks.

Make sure no element of your design detracts from your proposition. Visitors need to know what you do within the span of a few seconds. Otherwise, they’ll leave to find a B2B website that does communicate clearly and quickly.

Use Parallax Scroll

petas.it_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Parallax is a visual tool that creates a 3D effect on a website. The foreground moves at a faster pace than the background. It is more engaging than normal scrolling and no other design tools have offered the same level of engagement to date.

While some people believe that using parallax design causes issues with search engine optimization, the actual cause of those issues is overuse and misuse of the design. Also, parallax design is compatible with mobile in spite of rumors to the contrary. Just make sure you have a good developer who can set up the parallax design properly.

Create Quality Gated Top-of-the-Content

acme-world.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

A good way to provide lead-nurturing details is to only allow visitors access to premium content after they fill out a form. You need to make high-quality gated content for these prospects early on in their exploration of the B2B website.

This content needs to be consistent and authoritative. It should aim to educate your target audience. This kind of content can help your B2B website get quality inbound links and organic traffic. This will boost the website search engine ranking, increasing brand exposure.

Showcase of B2B websites


Grammar Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Grammarly is great site for a lot of reasons, some of which I’ve already discussed (long scrolling, functional minimalism, and animation). But the biggest reason is the use of flat design. Not just flat design, but design that fills up the entire screen. The laptop on their site uses flat design, which helps with load time and responsiveness for mobile devices.


yapstone.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Why we love it: Captivating photography. Site is due to its screen-sized, beautiful photography. But it’s not just the content, it is how the photo was composed. It truly is incredible what quality photography can do for visits and conversions.


dstillery.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Why we love it: Long scrolling (to the next level) .It is a complete and total myth that users don’t scroll, and with mobile usage surpassing desktop, long-scrolling pages are one of the most popular design trends today. Long scrolling helps to increase the user experience on both desktop and mobile while giving the company a chance to tell a story, their story.

Pulse 220

pulse220.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Why we love it: Card layout. Popularized by the mobile movement, card layouts are a great way to concisely present content in an organized and user-friendly way. Pulse 220 uses the card layout a couple different ways: to present case studies and their team.


quid.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Why we love it: Functional minimalis. In 2015, we saw trend toward minimalism–in other words, using only the essential elements on-page. Minimalist design is particularly helpful in decreasing load time and increasing readability–in Quid’s case, it also helps you scan through the site and still leave with an understanding of their product.


zendesk.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Why we love it: Advanced animation. Motion attracts attention and Zendesk has done a phenomenal job adding in subtle, yet advanced, animations across their site.


Screenshot Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Aiia offers branded promotional products for corporations. This website is excellent in showing that gadgets don’t have to be ordinary. The catalog is showcased right on the front page, each product accompanied by a short description prompted by a mouseover. When you click on a product, a full screen promo clip is triggered. It’s intuitive and informative!

Future Water City

Future-Water-City Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

If you’ve ever played SimCity this website design will look familiar. FWC provides water infrastructure solutions. The site is basically an interactive map of a city block which explains how water circulation works. By following the stages of water flow, you are brought to individual landing pages that explain in a game like manner, each step of the process and how FWC solutions factor in.

Dropbox Business User Guide

Dropbox Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Dropbox is a well established brand. Their business user guide is set up as a separate B2B website. The website is a great example of a material design approach. It reads like an interactive book with screen turning animations and sections that are easily accessible from the table of contents. It’s incredibly interactive and user friendly. This is an excellent FAQ solution for a business service!

MUV Interactive

muvinteractive.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

This website is designed to sell a product that’s used to control visuals during group presentations on various types of displays. When you first enter the site you encounter an animation that changes it’s view angle depending on your cursor.

Danish Shipowners Association

navigatingresponsibly.dk_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

DSA is an eco-friendly certification service for sea going vessels. This website offers a great use of illustration and animation telling visitors a story while revealing eco-data on ships that travel popular marine routes around the world. This site uses excellent design elements to bring users through 6 distinct “chapters.” It’s design is intriguing, yet tells their story well.


asana.com_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Asana’s site is excellent because it directs visitors exactly where they want them to go. It’s clean, simple to navigate and offers no distractions. Prominently displayed on their homepage is a giant call-to-action waiting to convert visitors into consumers of their products.

Reputation Squad

monitoring.reputationsquad Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Reputation Squad is an online business monitoring solution for medium and large-scale companies. They use several mouse sensitive animations and while decorative, offer visitors a sense of control, which is exactly what you’d expect from a monitoring service.


FireShot-Capture-2278-Con Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

It’s critical to show your user all the services you have as quickly and efficiently as you can, so users don’t have to scroll down the page searching for it. Interamark managed to do this by laying out icons and small headers with all their services above the fold so users know exactly what to expect as they scroll down to read more.


Cart2Cart Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Before going into the variety of services they offer, Cart2Cart put a section which visually shows you what their software has the ability to do – migrate your store from one platform to another. This initial CTA gives users an exact idea of what they can expect and whether or not the store options they’re looking for are available.


waveoc.com_services Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Unlike the previous two examples, WaveOC took a much more visual approach to their services page by adding in graphics for each service option to add context to each option, before you even start reading.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

salesforce.com_servic Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Salesforce Marketing Cloud services overview page does a clean job of showing their service categories without overwhelming the user with too much information.


ivision.com_it-services_ Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Sometimes you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of services you offer and you may struggle to know how to outline them for your users to understand. iVision knew exactly what to do when they were assembling their services.


domo.com_solution_overview Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

For some, your services page could be a great place to segment the visitors by their role, industry, platform, job title, etc. Domo did just that on its solutions page (which I still consider being a variation of a services page).


hootsuite Creating B2B Websites: Tips and showcase of B2B website design

Many of us talk about how our services can impact the present without acknowledging how they will continuously ensure your customer’s success in the future. Hootsuite made sure this strategy did not go missing on their services page.

Ending thoughts on a b2b websites company

B2B websites are well worth the effort to design well if your target audience is other businesses. The expectation re different than they are for other consumers, but these companies are very serious about finding the best use of their money.

If you enjoyed reading this article about b2b websites, you should read these as well:

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