50 Inspiring Examples of Minimalism in Web Design

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The sophisticated image of minimalism has always been a popular style of design. In web design a minimalist site is stripped naked of eye candy and fancy colors or effects, leaving the underlying structure exposed.

The key to a beautiful minimalist site is a solid and structured layout, as well as focus on stylish and well-designed typography. These 50 examples of minimalism in web design showcase some of the best minimal site designs out there on the web.


Data Visualization Sebastian Sadowski Minimalism in Web Design

Datadesign.studio presents Sebastian Sadowski’s aim as a German award-winning Data Visualization Designer is to make information more accessible.

Kyle Steed

Kyle Steed Minimalism in Web Design

This blog depicts the writer’s work, life, and over-time progress in terms of change, dealing with change and more importantly, how to embrace your feelings.

David Arias

David Arias Minimalism in Web Design

David Arias is an independent graphic designer who sees himself as a creative problem solver. He’s also got a lot of experience in combining design with marketing ideas.


Finch - Designer. Minimalism in Web Design

This website focuses on design and mostly writes about user experiences, intelligent interfaces, and other technologies.

Site Inspire

siteInspire Minimalism in Web Design

SiteInspire is a showcase of different web projects that are innovative in terms of creative design, but it also represents a source of good inspiration when looking for new ideas for your website.


Boston · The Food Lens Minimalism in Web Design

This website presents an abundance of good food in the city of Boston. If you don’t know where to go out to eat or grab a snack you can always check out their picks.

Corporate Risk Watch

Minimal website design

This website is both a good example of minimalist design and a place where clients can mitigate risks or other legal disputes.

Black Estate

Black Estate Minimalism in Web Design

This website presents a type of wine and hosts a club for wine lovers too. You can find all the information you need about their shops and restaurants.


The Soulist - Federico Repetto Minimalism

Thesoulist.com’s aim is to depict Federico Repetto’s struggles, experiences and his work in different fields. This website has a sensitive way of presenting its information to its readers through web design.

Jason Santa Maria

Jason Santa Maria Minimalism

This site presents itself as an online experiment which follows the writer’s creative direction. You’ll find a personalized system of delivering information to its readers based on the needs of the content.

Design Hotels

 Minimalism Design Hotels

Design Hotels shares a passion for cultural authenticity and hospitality of an independent hotelier. On this website, you’ll find anything you’re looking for in regards to hotel experiences.

Squarespace Blog

The Official Squarespace Blog

Squarespace blog is a platform designed to help readers customize their online presence. They’ve recently announced a number of new additions to ease your online optimization.


Nicole Saidy Minimalism

Nicolesaidy.com is a designer & digital nomad from Beirut who spends her time traveling and sharing her passion for design with other people.


QC Terme Spas and Resorts Minimalist website

This website will help you find anything you need in the spa and hospitality sector. On qcterme.com you’ll find two main categories: destination and experiences which will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.


Laure Caye Minimalism

Laurecaye.fr is a website for an interior designer that presents her work and also offers really nice solutions for fitting and decorating your interior.


Vítor Lourenço Minimalist website

They create new products, services, and even companies. With their experience, they have identified many techniques that make other new companies developed.


Martín Priotti Minimalist website

This website belongs to an independent designer and developer who is currently working in Cordoba. His main objective is creating attractive solutions for his clients.


Home CoreCompete Minimalist website

Corecompete.com is a good example of minimalist web design. Their team brings a lot of experience in using Analytics & Technology, creating financial value for their clients.

Skinny Ships

Skinny Ships Minimalist website

Skinnyships is a site for a creative two-person business whose sole purpose is creating nice and funny illustrations. They’ve already acquired a lot of experience in this area.


do you speak human

This website presents an experiment, a ‘playful research’ whose purpose is to listen to people’s needs before deciding anything else.

The Typographic Reference

The Typographic Desk Reference Minimalist website

This website works both a reference guide for typographic terms and a classification for Latin writing systems. It is similar to an encyclopedia.


Fonts, typefaces and all things typographical

iLoveTypography exists thanks to one’s passion for type design and anything else related. This website is focusing on making information related to typography more accessible.


ON Minimalist website

On is focused on finding the most effective solutions for their clients. Their website is a good example of minimalist web design by filtering the information shown.


Belle Epoque Digital Agency Minimalist website

Agence-belle-epoque.fr comes in handy when you need help with your digital project. They will come up with a good strategy, design and so much more.


Subtraction.com Minimalist website

Subtraction is a blog about Khoi Vinh’s lines of interest: design, technology and culture.  On it, you will find various posts related to smartphones, social media, and other many other topics.


Architecture Agency Minimalist website

This website belongs to an Architecture Agency based in London. They present their projects with the help of an easy-to-read and watch minimalist design.


Alex Coven Minimalist website

Alex Coven is a graphic designer, developer, and letterer and on his website you’ll find various examples, inspiration, and projects he has worked on.


Nicolas Loureiro Minimalist website

Nicolas Loureiro has specialized in interactive design and loves working on branding projects.  Through the minimalist design his website shows, you’ll find a nice gallery of his projects.


designworkplan Minimalist website

DesignWorkPlan is keen on finding the best solution for each of their clients. They make user centered designs for a better understanding of the world around us.


Artypapers Minimalist website

This website provides the writer’s objective thoughts and views on technology. This site’s beauty is that it functions as a way to express feelings.

F5 Fest

F5 Festival Minimalist website

This page is dedicated to f5 festival and aims to bring up the people who are breaking ground and shaping new ideas in media and design.


l'Éloi Minimalist website

The Eloi is a place where talents, customers, and many others get together and their website best shows their passion for creativity.


Chris Biron Minimalist website

‘Keeping it simple’, as the home page of biron.io says, depicts the creative direction of a Freelance Digital Designer based in London. His website is a good example of an innovative minimalist design.


Hardy Design Minimalist website

Chrishardydesigns.com brings a lot of experience to the table. With 6 years of working across a range of projects and clients, his aim is to find the most creative solutions.


All Boats Rise Minimalist website

Allboatsrice.com is the website of not just an agency, but one that promises success in bringing your brand to the top.


Pixenio Minimalist website

Pixen.io is focusing on making maintaining websites an enjoyable task. They want to bring back simplicity to the discussion.


Jean-Loic Antunes Minimalist website

Jlantunes.com combines reason and art. For them, this website is a way of best expressing their vision through their illustrations, logos and other art.


The Feebles

Gaëtan Guerlais and Anaël Moreau founded the studio Feebles which specializes in graphic design and illustrations. This website is another way of expressing their work.


Designme.sk Minimalist website

DesignMe is a dedicated freelance web & graphic designer who engages in projects with wisdom, heart and years of experience.

Wilson Miner

Wilson Miner Minimalist website

Wilson Miner has an interest for design systems, code and the way we shape our world through design and his website best shows this aspiration.


Tim Roussilhe - Interactive Developer Minimalist website

Tim Roussilhe is a creative developer and his website shows a selection of his works during 2014 – 2017.


Tinker Watches Minimalist website

This website gives you the opportunity to customize your watch in any way you can imagine. You just have to think it and they can make it real for you.


Web Design Nashville Cabedge Minimalist website

Cabege is the homepage of a web-centric communication company. They have experience with marketing strategies, SEO and in so many other fields.

Sisson Studio

Sisson Studio Minimalist website

This website belongs to a family whose passion is making art and design on a regular basis.


Home - Rev. Studio Minimalist website

Rev. focuses on creating useful and powerful visual solutions for their clients. They have experience in regards to branding and web design


Victoria Spicer Minimalist website

Victoria Spicer is a set designer and also a prop stylist working in London. She also has a vast experience in film and advertising.

We Love Typography

We Love Typography Minimalist website

We Love Typography works as an inspirational gallery on matters of typography. They offer a lot of examples in regards to web design.


Panini Bay Minimalist website

With their minimalist web design, Panini Bay is the product of a family’s love for food. They present through this website the Italian cuisine they serve and a breathtaking view thanks to the location of the restaurant.


Another Pony Minimalist website

Anotherpony was established in 2012 as a collective made of three designers who love spending their time creating.

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