25 Vintage WordPress Themes for Old School Websites

Friday, February 23, 2018

If the latest design trends don’t suit your taste, then maybe you’re a retro fan. If this is you, you may want to take a look at some vintage templates that might go well with your projects and ideas and might help you create unforgettable websites.

We put together a list of 25 vintage WordPress themes that have an old-school design. This doesn’t mean that they’re old or rusty – they just took all the good things about that retro style and wrapped them up together with lots of modern, powerful features. This way, you’ll know that you’ll get the perfect layout design for your business but also allow your users and visitors to have the perfect experience on your website.

Take a walk down memory lane and don’t forget to tell us which one is your favorite!

Retro – Vintage WordPress Theme

Retro Premium WordPress Theme is one of the most awesome options that combines strong design ideas with powerful features. You can choose from 5 already-made skins and you have full liberty in choosing your favorite colors and elements. Retro comes with Revolution Slider and Visual Composer included and will allow you to add portfolios and even testimonials to your website.

Retro - Responsive, Vintage WordPress Theme

Cabin – A Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Theme

Cabin is another great example of a pleasant theme with awesome vintage accents. This item comes with powerful features such as image or video slides, animations, screen options, parallax effects, lots of header and footer options and a lot more! The Sticky Content Menu is another great tool that will help you organize your website well and create a powerful menu from certain sections of your pages. ‘Cabin’ is also fully responsive which means that it will look and work perfectly on any device or screen size.

Cabin _ A Beautiful Vintage WordPress Theme

Vintage Wedding WordPress Theme

If you’re searching for the perfect old-school design for your wedding website, then you must try Vintage Wedding Theme. This is a fully responsive and flexible website template that will help you create stunning websites with a classic design. The best part about this item is that you can choose from the 10 already-made templates and start customizing them in order to achieve the perfect result for you. You can also choose from 12 widgets, custom backgrounds and more!

Vintage Wedding WordPress Vintage WordPress Theme

Monaco – Vintage Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

Monaco is a powerful but lightweight WordPress theme that’s so versatile it can be used for various purposes and websites. Inspired by the authentic vintage style, ‘Monaco’ is a simple and user-friendly item that will help you achieve stunning websites with very little effort. This theme lets you choose from 17 awesome homepage designs and find the one that will make your website eye-catching! You can also choose from white and dark menu versions and lots of free Google Fonts.

Monaco – Beautiful Vintage Vintage WordPress Theme

Retro Portfolio – One Page Vintage WordPress Theme

Retro Portfolio is a perfect choice if you want to create a portfolio website that has a classic look but modern functionality. This WordPress theme is fully responsive and it comes with tons of customization options for the homepage but also for the different other pages that this template comes with. You can rapidly change the color scheme using the color picker and you can add an anti-spam filter to the contact form if you want to use it on your website!

Retro Portfolio 4 Vintage WordPress Theme

Extinct – Retro Vintage Portfolio WordPress Theme

Extinct is an awesome WordPress theme created with artists and creatives in mind. This theme will help you create the perfect mix of old and new for your portfolio. We recommend it to any artistic individual or creative agency because it’s very versatile and it comes packed with lots of features. The retro vibes will never go out of style so you can rest assured that your portfolio website will be timeless! This theme uses the powerful SiteOrigin page builder that’s very easy to understand and use.

LiveMesh Vintage WordPress Theme

FlowVin – Vintage Flower Shop WordPress Theme

If you want to create a classic website with subtle romantic elements, then FlowVin may be the perfect choice for you! it works really well for flower shops or even different kinds of portfolios. This theme is WooCommerce ready which means it’s a very powerful tool if you want to establish an online shop for your business and start monetizing it this way. FlowVin is very easy to install and personalize and it lets you choose from countless colors and lots of demos!

Awethemes _ Demo _ Flowvin Vintage WordPress Theme

PressView – Vintage and Stylish WordPress Theme

Pressview is a fully responsive WordPress theme that has a minimal design but full functionality. This template was created especially for bloggers that need vintage accents for their platforms. It’s the perfect choice for bloggers, magazines, newspapers and many more! Pressview has a fully responsive layout which means it looks and works perfectly on any device and screen size! The pleasant look and powerful features make this WordPress theme a very stylish item that you can use for your own projects.

CWS _ PressView Vintage WordPress Theme

The Lifestyle – Vintage, Minimal and Simple WordPress Blog Theme

The Lifestyle an awesome option if you want to create a modern blog or portfolio with retro accents. This theme comes with awesome typography options, lots of header and footer customization options and a fully responsive and Retina-ready layout. ‘The Lifestyle’ can also be easily translated into German, Italian, Russian, Korean and more!

The Lifestyle Vintage WordPress Theme

Writsy – A Clean & Faded Vintage WordPress Blog Theme

Writsy is the perfect WordPress theme for any blogger that wants to add a vintage look to their blog. Because it’s so versatile and easy to use, Writsy can serve a wide range of purposes and blog niches, including photography, travel, beauty, fashion and more! The faded vintage concept will give your blog a unique look and will make your images and texts stand out from the crowd. Writsy is also fully responsive and well-optimized for any screen or browser. This theme also comes with 24 homepage designs that you can choose from!

Writsy - A Clean & Faded Vintage WordPress Theme

Vaicalon – Vintage WordPress Blog Theme

If you’re still searching for a WordPress theme for blogs that will fit all your needs and desires, then maybe you should give Vaicalon a try. This theme has a retro look and it would be perfect for various blogs or even personal or commercial portfolios. ‘Vaicalon’ lets you create all kinds of stunning portfolios, online shops (by using the WooCommerce plugin), headers and more! Everything is very easy to install and customize because of the Visual Composer Page Builder that will help you achieve the perfect result for you and your ideas!

Vaicalon – Vintage WordPress Blog Theme

TaxiPress – Taxi Company Vintage WordPress Theme

TaxiPress is a very special WordPress Theme created especially for taxi drivers or taxi companies. This item comes packed with all the features that you’ll need to showcase and promote your taxi services online. TaxiPress comes with full functionality but also a stunning, vintage look that will add a dash of personality to your website. With a bit of customizing, this template could work perfectly for car renting or car repair companies also.

TaxiPress - Vintage WordPress Theme

Forest – Vintage Inspired Creative WordPress Theme

Forest is a very creative WordPress theme that was inspired by vintage and classical elements. ‘Forest’ comes packed with tons of awesome features such as unlimited colors, fully responsive and Retina-ready layout, great care for details, SEO Optimization, Drag&Drop Page Builder and more! You can rest assured that your website will have a unique and special look that will never go out of style and this way you will gain new visitors and clients.

Wopethemes Vintage WordPress Theme

80’s Mod – Build Your Store with A Vintage Styled WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Here we have 80’s Mod, a truly wonderful and powerful WordPress theme that was inspired by the 80s and the whole retro aesthetic. We think this is the perfect solution for an online shop, but not only! Because of its essential that it comes with, 80’s Mod becomes an amazing template and we’re sure that you’ll find anything you need to create a stunning website for your business and ideas. This theme comes with lots of homepage choices and the essential Visual Composer that will make everything easy and fast for you.

80's Mod - Vintage WordPress Theme

Wild Book – Vintage, Elegant & Summer WordPress Personal Blog Theme (Multilingual, RTL support)

Wild Book another great example of an elegant and eye-catching WordPress theme for awesome portfolios or all kinds of blogs with vintage accents. The main idea of this theme’s layout is the split page look, with a powerful vertical menu and lots of background options. Some other features include SEO Optimization, RTL support, translation-ready layout, fully responsive design and more! You can give ‘Wild Book’ a try and see if it matches your requirements!

Wild Book – Premium Vintage WordPress Theme

Vintage Immersed – Vintage WordPress Theme

Vintage Immersed is one awesome WordPress Theme that works best for people that want to create an old-school website that’s also packed with modern features. The layout is very versatile and can be easily customized in order to fit a huge range of personal or commercial projects. Vintage Immersed also comes with constant updates and lots of options for homepage designs, sliders, portfolio layouts and more! Last but not least, this template is also fully responsive and Retina-ready!

DesignThemes_ Vintage Immersed Vintage WordPress Theme

Hares – A Stylish WordPress Theme

Here we have Hares, another great example of a stylish and easy to use WordPress theme specially designed for restaurants, bars, barbershops, tattoo salons and more! You can use it even if you want to create a personal or commercial blog, a beautiful portfolio or a cool resume website where you can share your work and ideas with the world. This template also includes the extended versions of WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution plugin which will save you a lot of money!

Barber Shop - Hares Vintage WordPress Theme

Bhinneka – a Responsive WordPress Theme

Bhinneka is a completely responsive WordPress theme with a versatile and easy to personalize the design. This theme is based on a two-column page layout with lots of handy widgets, different color schemes, a drop-down menu and more! You can easily customize Bhinneka in order to achieve the perfect website for you and your needs!

Population 2 _ Item _ Bhinneka Vintage WordPress Theme

DishUp – A Theme for Diners and Restaurants

DishUp is a very powerful but easy to use website template for diners, restaurants or cafes that have an old-school theme. Because of the multiple already-made designs and useful shortcodes, DishUp will help you have a fully working website in minutes!

DishUp – Vintage WordPress Theme

Murdock – Barbershop & Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Murdock is another great option for a professional hair salon or barbershop that needs an eye-catching, unforgettable website to showcase their work and services with old and new clients. This theme was built on top of Bootstrap 3, it’s super responsive and it has a very clean design.

Murdock - Barbershop & Hair Salon Vintage WordPress Theme

Silverscreen – A Theme for Movies, Filmmakers, and Production Companies

If you’re a filmmaker, production company or any other film-related individual or company, then you’ll think that Silverscreen is a website theme like no other. It comes packed with tons of useful features and shortcodes, all wrapped under a clean design with lots of old-school accents that will impress your visitors and make them want to come back for more.

Silverscreen Vintage WordPress Theme

Mendel | Furniture Design & Restoration

Mendel is the only thing you will need if you want to create an eye-catching website for your furniture or restoration business. It’s also perfect for vintage furniture shops or even antique boutiques because it has an old-school mood that will cred a unique scrolling experience for your clients and visitors. Mendel is compatible with lots of plugins such as Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, WooCommerce and more!

Mendel _ Furniture Design Vintage WordPress Theme

Horse Club – Equestrian WordPress Theme

If you’re in the equestrian business and you need to give your website a makeover, then Horse Club is the perfect choice for you. This theme comes with a vintage mood and old-school elements but it also keeps everything very simple and uncluttered. Because of the awesome customization options that this theme has, you can literally create unlimited designs and layouts for your website!

Horse Club - Equestrian Vintage WordPress Theme

Barbershop Pro | Barbershop WordPress Barbershop

Are you searching for a stunning and accessible WordPress template for your barber and hairdresser business? Then Barbershop Pro is what you’re looking for! By using the one-click import you can easily see how this template works for your website and start customizing it in order to achieve a unique result. Barbershop PRO is fully responsive and it looks stunning on a wide range of devices, browsers and screen sizes!  The subtle and elegant vintage elements will transform your visitors into clients!

Vintage WordPress Theme barbershop-pro

Modern Vintage | One Page WordPress Theme

Modern Vintage is the first WordPress theme created and released by Indieground Design and we think it’s one of the best choices out there if you’re looking to create a stunning website with an unforgettable retro look. You can easily get your own website up and running by choosing from the 4 already-made layout templates that you can easily customize and make your own. Modern Vintage is a breath of fresh air for any photographer, artist, apparel stores, bloggers and more!

Modern Vintage Vintage WordPress Theme

Great old-school, vintage WordPress templates are not easy to come by, but we hope this template list will help you find the perfect WordPress template with old school charm and modern features. Which one was your favorite?

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Design your way

You don’t have to spend time on a computer with a generic Windows background. You need awesome wallpapers to make you feel great.

Your old desktop might be getting stale or that family picture might be clearly out of date.

Changing your PC wallpaper can be inspirational, helping you get new start on a project or simply give you a new reason to smile throughout the day.

An image of a planned vacation spot might give you a goal to work towards, or a photo of the great outdoors might help you remember to spend a bit more time outdoors every once and awhile.

Desktop customization also gives you a great chance to add a touch of personality to your office environment. It also gives you a chance to show off your 4K monitor (if you’re that lucky).

Whatever reason you have for changing your computer desktop backgrounds, have a few sources for images on hand. You may have to make a few tweaks to get the most out of these awesome wallpapers. Here are some tips and tricks to help you figure out how to make your desktop background look cool.

Awesome wallpapers for your desktop background

0e1f5c69ae6504178c8027ced893ca19 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Candle-lights-flying-amazing-wallpapers Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

92d2257c3babc56d7c2750024cdfcfc4-1 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

26566-wet-orchid-1920x1080-flower-wallpaper Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

136613-amazing-wallpapers-hd-nature-1920x1080-windows-10 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

518282-free-amazing-background-1920x1080-for-hd-1080p Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

3767156-amazing-wallpapers-hd Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

4464172-nature-wallpapers-hd Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

4470644-hipster-wallpaper-hd Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

4493221-hd-wallpapers-1080p Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

4627756-wallpaper-hd-1080p Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

39393587-amazing-building-wallpapers Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

402516904-best-amazing-wallpapers Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

amazing_red_flower-HD Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Amazing-animal-world-HD-wallpaper Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

282567-amazing-desktop-wallpaper-hd-1920x1080-meizu Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Amazing-boat-in-sea-marvelous-wallpapers Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Amazing-Computer-Wallpapers-Free-Download-wallpaper-desktop-images-background-photos-download-hd-windows-wallpaper-iphone-mac-1920x1080 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

amazing-desktop-wallpapers-HD10 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

amazing-fantasy-wallpaper-wallpaper-4 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Amazing-Free-Photos-wallpaper-desktop-images-background-photos-hd-free-windows-wallpaper-iphone-mac-1920x1080 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Amazing-Full-HD-Backgrounds-1080p-wallpaper-desktop-images-download-hd-free-windows-wallpaper-iphone-mac-1920x1080 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Amazing-morning-1080p-full-hd-images-sun-wallpaper-desktop-images-background-photos-download-hd-free-windows-wallpaper-mac-1920x1080 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

amazing-spider-man-2-wallpaper9 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Wallpaper-amazing-lotus-lake-mac-pictures-tablet-1920x1080 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

wallpaper.wiki-Photos-amazing-earth-PIC-WPE0012904 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

wallpaper.wiki-Free-Download-3D-Amazing-Wallpaper-HD-PIC-WPE0013910 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

wallpaper.wiki-Amazing-peacock-pictures-wallpaper-PIC-WPE0012556 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Stellar-3D-Spheres-HD-Wallpaper Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Music-Bass-Amazing-Wallpaper-HD-desktop-wallpapers-hd-high-definition-windows-10-mac.apple-colourful-images-backgrounds-free-1920x1080 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

HD-Wallpaper-Gift-Pack_001 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2-Movie-Theme-Song-5 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

destroy-boat-hd-cool-amazing-wallpapers Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Cool-Desktop-Backgrounds-HD-Wallpaper Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Car-Amazing-Wallpapers Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

art-nature-1 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Amazing-wallpapers-wide-background-HD-desktop-images-background-photos-download-hd-free-samsung-iphone-mac-1920x1080 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Amazing-Wallpapers-HD-1080p-For-Desktop-wallpaper-background-photos-download-hd-free-windows-wallpaper-iphone-mac-1920x1080 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

amazing-wallpaper-hd-25 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

amazing-wallpaper-free-Download6-1 Awesome Wallpapers To Download For Your Desktop Background

Checking Your Screen Settings

For the best looking PC wallpaper, make sure you use a desktop wallpaper with an aspect ratio that matches the aspect ratio of your screen. The aspect ratio of any rectangle is the proportion between its width and its height. The most common screen aspect ratios are 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10.

You also need to match a desktop wallpaper’s display resolution tot eh display resolution of your screen. If the computer wallpaper is too small, it will look blurry because it’s been stretched out to fill the screen. If the computer wallpaper is too large, it will look perfectly fine, but it will take up unnecessary disk space you can use for other things.

Finding an Image for Your Desktop Wallpaper

Choosing a desktop wallpaper is a personal choice. As the saying goes, there’s no accounting for taste. There are a lot of sites out there that offer high quality wallpaper, so a quick search for the image subject you’re looking for will yield up some good results. Don’t just rely on Google images, but click through links to wallpaper galleries and stock photo galleries.

Good desktop backgrounds will be high resolution, 1920 x 1080 or higher. A high resolution image can always be compressed and will still maintain its quality, but you can’t stretch an image out without losing quality very quickly.

Resizing or Cropping

If that awesome wallpaper doesn’t match your screen’s resolution, you’ll need to make some tweaks.  If it already matches the screen, you’re good to go.

You should download and install GIMP before getting started if you don’t have another image editing app.


If the desktop wallpaper’s aspect ratio already matches your screen’s aspect ratio, all you need to do to it is resize it. In GIMP, follow these steps to resize an image:

  1. Open the image file.
  2. In the menu, click Image > Scale Image…
  3. Under Image Size, be sure that the chain icon is connected. If it isn’t, click on it to connect it. This will ensure that the aspect ratio will stay the same during the resize.
  4. Change the Width to the width of your screen resolution, then hit Enter. The Height should automatically adjust and keep the same aspect ratio.
  5. Click Scale.


For images with a different aspect ratio than your screen, you will need to crop it to make sure it loosk good. Cropping will cut out parts of the image you don’t need. In GIMP, follow these steps to crop an image:

  1. Open the image file.
  2. Select the Crop tool in the toolbar.
  3. In the Tool Options panel, check the box labeled Fixed and then select Aspect Ratio in the drop-down menu. Type in your aspect ratio (for example, 16:9).
  4. Click-and-drag your mouse on the image to make a selection. Everything that is within the selection will stay, and everything that’s outside of the selection will be cut away. You can drag the selection box around if you need to.
  5. Once the box looks right, double-click the selection box to finalize the crop.
  6. Resize the image to your screen resolution.

Export the Image

Once you’ve resized and/or cropped the image to fit your screen, you can save it by clicking File > Export as… to save it as a JPG format for optimal file size or PNG format for optimal image quality.  All you need to do from there is set the image as your new PC wallpaper.

Downloading Pre-Made Desktop Wallpapers

If you’d rather not mess around with an image editing program, that isn’t a problem. There are a ton of free, easy to find websites out here that offer cool desktops that can work for you. Check your screen resolution and aspect ratio before you search. A lot of these sites offer a search feature where you can filter for aspect ratio.

One of the cooler features of recent Windows updates is that you can customize a lot of elements of your PC. You can choose a photo for the desktop background, the lock screen, or the sign-in screen.


If there’s an image that seems perfect for your cool desktop but is still too small, consider centering it in the settings instead of having it stretched to fill the screen. Centering an image will create a framed or matted look for your desktop wallpaper. You can change the color of the framing as well. All of this can be accomplished in your desktop customization settings. There’s a preview window under settings so that you’re not flying blind.

This is an excellent choice for your desktop wallpaper if you want to use a family photo or other image you took yourself. Often these can be hard to modify quite right and with centering you won’t need to try.

Ending thoughts on this awesome wallpapers collection

Awesome wallpapers are a great way to add a personal touch to your PC.  Windows has made desktop customization incredibly easy, and you should take the opportunity to show off some high quality wallpaper.

If you liked these awesome wallpapers, you should check out these as well:

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8 Must-Have Site & Page Building Tools for 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Finding the best website or page builder can be a time-consuming and complicated task. First, there are hundreds of products on the market, many of which are quite good, and a few of which are excellent at what they do. Second, you need to define what “best” means, and that’s up to you.

We’ve made the first part easy by finding the very best website and page-building tools on the market as we enter 2018. The second part isn’t as difficult as you might fear. It all depends on what you are looking for and what your clients expect from you. All you have to do is go down the list, and when you find the product that best suits your needs and makes it easier for you to satisfy your clients – you’ve nailed it!

  1. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise website builder         

If one of your criteria is “very affordable’, or better yet “free”, stop right here. The Mobirise Website Builder provides an easy way to build a website. It’s flexible, it features a huge selection of design elements, its responsive, and its free for both personal and commercial use.

All you need to do is download it, which you might as well do anyway, so you can take it for a trial run to prove it’s the right builder for you. If you like what you see, keep it, it’s still free.

There’s plenty to like about Mobirise. It’s a drag and drop builder, no coding is needed and it’s both mobile friendly and lightning fast. There’s a huge collection of flexible, pre-made website blocks in several themes to work with. The themes include a host of design items you won’t find in most builders, including counters and countdowns, data tables, pricing tables, progress indicators, plus the usual sliders, galleries, headers and footers, and so on.

Did we mention that you get all this for free?

2.Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer website builder

The Visual Composer Website Builder is a totally new kind of WordPress Builder plugin. If you are a WPBakery Page Builder user, it’s important to note that although these two WordPress builders are WPBakery products, they are completely different and independent from one another.

The Visual Composer Builder comes in two versions, a Free version and a Premium Version. Both versions feature the familiar drag and drop functionality that allows you to build a 100%responsive site easily, with a little help from your mouse. The VC Builder features a live front-end editor, a schematic backend editor, and it also provides a Tree view. No coding is necessary, and this cool plugin will work with any WordPress theme. Plenty of online support and assistance is available.

  1. Portfoliobox


Something most standard themes have in common is they place various constraints on what web designers can accomplish, thereby limiting the number of different styles they can choose.

There are no constraints or limits placed on those using Portfoliobox. Make it your web-building tool of choice and you’ll be free to create any type of content you want on any website page. You can build your website on your browser, no coding is necessary, and web hosting is included.

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to build an awesome portfolio that automatically adjusts to mobile devices, here’s your chance. Free and Pro plans are available. The Pro Plan offers a personal domain and enhanced hosting capabilities. If you are a student, check out the amazing opportunity Portfoliobox offers – you will be positively surprised!

4.Themify Builder

 Themify Builder        

Themify Builder is a drag and drop layout builder that works with any WordPress theme and with other WordPress plugins. Among the Builder’s many impressive features is that no matter how you choose to arrange its layout grids, every possible combination or custom page style you end up with will be responsive.

Since Themify Builder is fully extendable,you can install a variety of addons – slider, slideshow, etc.

  1. uKit

uKit website builder

uKit provides the perfect solution for creating a small business’s online presence. Web design experience is not a requirement, nor are technical or coding skills, since uKit is not at all complicated to use. It’s mostly a matter of choosing a template for each page and drag and dropping design elements and content onto that page. One click to publish, and you’re done. Sign up for a free trial to check it out.

  1. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

The only WordPress page builder that offers everything you need for free. This includes: a super fast visual editor, pixel-perfect design, total layout control and dozens of free templates.

Use Elementor’s extensive responsive editing tools to create a website that is 100% mobile first. With Elementor, building websites is fast and easy, enabling you to customize beautiful pages in minutes, no coding needed. Elementor is the full-package page builder you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Pixpa


Pixpa is an affordable, easy to work with all-in-one web design platform specifically designed for creative professionals.  Best of all, you can create and manage your professional website on Pixpa without any coding knowledge.

An eCommerce store, blog, and proofing comes with the package, together with a free trial offer to ensure Pixpa is right for you.

  1. IM Creator

IM Creator

If you’ve ever spent time playing with Lego blocks, working with IM Creator should be right up your alley. This flexible website builder’s features include a huge assortment of stripes and polygons that you can modify, mix, and match as you see fit as you build your pages without any need for coding.

You’ll also find a free eCommerce solution in the IM Creator package of goodies.


It’s not every day you’ll come across website-building themes or platforms that represent the best of the bunch that are either free or offer a free plan or a free trial. You will find all the above here.

Just as chess masters strive to ensure that every move they make improves their situation, however slightly, the same applies to web designers and their choice of tools.

We are confident that any web-building tool you select will do the same for you.

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The Cash Box Blueprint

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