10 Free Printable and Tablet Wireframing Templates

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sketching great, creative ideas down right away is very important if you are a designer. Of course, you can do it the old-fashioned way by using a pen and paper but there are some great tools now that offer so much more.

There are many online wireframing apps for web designers, but sometimes an old-fashioned PSD wireframe is the best choice. We searched for the best free wireframe templates for you and selected 10 of them compiled in this list. These wireframe kits will help you organize your projects better and design more user-friendly websites and apps.

These wireframe templates will help you sketch the overall structure of any website, by stripping all the distractions of text and ads and images and showing a site for what the eye unconsciously perceives.

Here are 10 of the most useful free printable and tablet wireframing templates we could find. Hope they will help you in your design process and make your work a lot easier. Know some other good wireframing templates? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

960 Grid Template Set

960 Grid Template Set

The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels. There are two variants: 12 and 16 columns. The 12-column grid is divided into portions that are 60 pixels wide. The 16-column grid consists of 40 pixel increments. You can use this grid system for rapid prototyping, but it would work equally well when integrated into a production environment. When you download this you’ll get printable sketch sheets, design layouts, and a CSS file and all of them have identical measurements. For those more that feel more comfortable designing on a 24-column grid, an alternative version is also included in the package.

Graph Paper

Graph Paper

This 8.5 x 11 inch graph paper is made for visual designers, interaction designers, and information architects. This is a wireframe grid divided into 24 columns with gutters between each column. The grid is especially useful to designers who are working within a CSS framework. You can also use this if you’re an animator or filmmaker. You can use this graph paper to either sketch or even produce high fidelity drawings. When you download this you’ll get a cyan version and also a gray version for more prominent grid lines. These templates are free to use and distribute.

Print and Sketch

Print and sketch

This is a set of simple and clean templates for sketching ideas down fast. Perfect for creatives. You can add notes, author, product and vendor details. It’s free to download and print. You can best use them for sketches that also require a couple of notes and writing. Use these templates if you want to keep your drawings clean and organized with no effort!

Sneakpeekit Pad Sketchsheets

Sneakpeekit Pad Sketchsheets

This is for designing responsive layouts for your websites or Pad / iPad applications. Sneakpeekit Pad© provides two versions of the same iPad mockup, with and without grids. Just print them and start sketching! By accessing the link you can also find lots of other mockups and precision grids that you can use for your personal or commercial projects. You just need to download them and then use them as you please. They’re very precise and useful!

iPad Application Sketch Template v1

With this free printable you get a wireframe template sheet with plenty of space for sketching and notes. The grid squares are equivalent to 10px, and tick marks indicate the heights of the Status Bar, Navigation Bar, Split View (Landscape Only), Keyboard and Tab Bar. You can print this and create your sketches without worrying about calculating where the navigation bar might be. This is a very useful and free template that will help you draw iPad apps simple & fast!

iPhone Wireframe Templates for Sketching

iPhone Wireframe Templates for Sketching

This is an iPhone Paper wireframing template to help you sketch your best app design ideas. There are two layouts, and both layouts are in PDF and Viso (VSD) formats. Feel free to download them! By accessing the link you can also find templates for Apple iPad and Desktop. All of them are created to be downloaded and printed and then used for your projects. They can come in very handy when you want to design accurate and calculated apps or other elements.

iPhone Application Sketch Template

iPhone Application Sketch Template

Great templates with grid squares equivalent to 10px, and tick marks that indicate the heights of the Status Bar, Navigation Bar, Keyboard, Tab Bar and Toolbar, both vertically and horizontally. This is a great template that you can use in order to create precise and accurate iPhone apps. You just need to download it and use it as you please! Grid templates are great because they make your life easier – you just need to sketch your ideas!

iPhone Mockup Sketch Sheet – Detailed Sketch

This is a high resolution PDF created as an iPhone mockup that will help you design easier! This template is great for designing responsive layouts (vertical 320px / horizontal 480px) and it has a 5px and 20px grid. You also get plenty of space for your notes, project name, page, date and author. Just download it and use it for your projects and sketches.

iPhone Wireframe

This is a great iPhone sketching wireframe for app developers. With this, you can design a new iPhone application with a pencil on paper. It has the original dimensions of the iPhone and a special place where you can write the name, screen, version, and date of your project. Maybe a lot of people may prefer to use web applications instead of the classic pen and paper, but there’s nothing wrong with sketching your ideas and visualize them beforehand! These templates come with grids included.

iPhone Wireframe Templates for Sketching

This is a very handy .zip file that contains some iPhone Paper Prototyping and Design templates. These are free to print and use for whatever project you wish. When you download this you’ll get two layouts, and both layouts are in PDF and Viso (VSD) formats. You also have plenty of writing space where you can insert your notes. This is a very clean and simple template that can become very useful when sketching.

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20 Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts

Websites shouldn’t be boring and rigid, you can opt for a more fun and interesting approach by using doodles, hand-drawn illustrations, and even comics, to spice up your website design!

Check out these 20 websites with cartoon style design concepts that will brighten up your day! Their fun and ingenious designs will surely put a smile on your face. Analyze how the cartoon illustrations blend the other web elements and what animations work best on cartoon / comic style websites. This way you will also learn something useful from these awesome, creative, cartoon-style websites, not just admire them for how beautiful they look.

Here they are!


This website has cartoonish style design elements and a very cool video slider on the front page. The cartoon elements blend very well together and make up an awesome portfolio site. Aardman is a very cool animation studio with a clean but catchy website.

Aardman Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts

Suicide Squad

This is a colorful one-page website promoting the Suicide Squad movie. It features some large photos, character biographies, poster downloads and video clips, all in a comic-style design. It has an explosion of colors, textures and fonts and it’s perfect for the movie.

 suicide squad official movie site in theaters august 5 2016

Alan Rickman

This website’s page is a tribute to the actor Alan Rickman. It was created in a cartoonish style and has the layout of an infographic. It’s a funny website that wants to teach people how to become villains by finding an adversary, a perfect villain look, a personality etc.

the many faces of alan rickman


This is a responsive portfolio and online shop created by David Ristevski. The fonts and illustration look great and they complement the artist’s work in a perfect way. Dreadpen is actually David Ristevski, a web and graphic designer from Macedonia.

dreadpen web and graphic designer and illustrator


Fritula is a web and graphic designer with an eye-candy portfolio website. Right from the beginning, Fritula’s website features colorful illustrations and great choices for fonts and design.

fritula Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts

Mega Cultural

This site follows many artistic trends, such as classic art, pop art, vintage, surrealism, and more. It has a bold and colorful design with lovely cartoonish elements. This website is a real journey because it was designed with animations that travel through various art streams, such as classic art, pop art, vintage and more.

mega cultural new website cards on behance

Dean Oakley

Dean Oakley is a  web designer and developer specializing in WordPress and this is his portfolio website. It welcomes us with a very nice and simple illustrated design with retro colors and clean shapes. The gradient background matches the whole website’s style.

Dean Oakley Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts

Amor de Verano

This is a great portfolio website with amazing illustration and a retro color palette. The person behind this is the Mexican illustrator Salvador Verano Calderón. His website has great details and the central element combined with the scrollable background create a very nice, eye-catching effect.

amor de verano _ portafolio de salvador verano calderon

BlackMoon Design

This is the presentation / portfolio website of BlackMoon Design studio. It has some awesome illustrations as background and every web element is custom-made. The choice of using soft, earth colors and 8bit illustration look gives a very fresh and unique touch to this website.

blackmoon design an indie game studio from poznan


Passweird is a fun application that will create for you a secure password. The illustrations are awesome! The background of this website is basically a big and interesting mix of colorful illustrations that are both catchy and tasteful.

passweird passwords too gross to steal


This is an awesome portfolio website with a cool illustration right on the homepage. It has a cartoonish atmosphere. The owl symbol is present on all pages and it guides us into exploring the awesome features of this portfolio website. The whole design has a great personality.

joe nyaggah _ graphic designer


This site offers a collection of the best articles, videos, and presentations about creating, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base. Their website is simply gorgeous and it welcomes us with nice pop-art illustrations full of bold lines and saturated colors that are a real eye-candy for visitors.

superhero js

Eric Steuten

This is a great website with lots of awesome illustrations. It may look a bit cluttered, but overall has a fun and friendly atmosphere. The icons are also a nice touch and they add a minimalist look to the whole design.The artist’s work is also nicely presented in a clean gallery.

Eric Steuten Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts


This site has a retro style, one-page design, circle gallery, gallery filters, elastic sliders, and more. It lets you pick between 3 styles in order to find the one that fits you most. It also has a responsive theme and an elastic slider that creates a fun effect.

sketchdroid responsive film noir portfolio preview themeforest


This website has a dark color palette and a bold and interesting design. It uses lots of illustrations and if you scroll through the main page you’ll get to discover a real journey of neutral colored drawings and designs.

stokto my universe


THRILLBENT is a digital comics site created by the award-winning comics writer Mark Waid and television writer/producer John Rogers. With a simple and clean website design, Thrillbent presents lots of illustrations that have a comic book feel that we really enjoy.

thrillbent comics for the rest of us-

Traveline Cymru

This is a website that tells you a Christmas story by Traveline Cymru. It features cartoon/comic/style illustrations and subtle animations. The bold lines and strong colors create a mesmerizing website full of illustrations that are sure to catch the visitor’s attention and to send the right mood to the readers.

merry christmas from traveline cymru

So Below

This is a one-page, scrolling site that showcases a comic called ‘So Below’ created by the political cartoonist Sam Wallman. This is a comic book about land full of awesome, black-lined drawings that are full of personality and great details.

so below_ a comic about land


This is a beautifully illustrated website with a cartoon style design concept.  This is a website created especially for the mobile game and it also features gaming tips and gorgeous, colorful illustrations.

 mailboxing iphone_ipad game

Minding Monsters

This website has some really cute and fun illustrations. It has a friendly and fun atmosphere created by the cute characters that welcome us even from the start. The MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS are a group of very friendly monsters who look after us.

minding monsters we all have friends in unexpected places

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25 Church WordPress Themes for Religious Organizations

Religious group and churches usually don’t have a strong online presence, but we think that a custom WordPress theme might be a great idea that will give them access to a platform where they can easily connect with their audience and visitors and reach out to new people.

You have 2 options when it comes to creating a website for your church or religious organization. The first option is to use Church website templates, and the other is to use the popular WordPress platform to create a website for your church / religious organization. We gathered here a list of 25 church WordPress themes that you can choose from if you want to create a website for a church, charity organization, non-profit or spiritual group. Most of these church WordPress themes are fully-responsive and very user-friendly and come with lots of powerful donation tools in case you’re looking to raise money for a certain cause. These church WordPress themes also come with great event-managing tools so you can keep your visitors posted on the new or recurrent events that you organize.

Take a look through this list and pick the one that’s most appealing to you!

Bethlehem – Church WordPress Theme

Bethlehem is a very flexible and powerful WordPress Theme created especially for churches, charity, non-profit, mosques, or prayer groups. It can also be used for corporate websites as well because it’s so versatile. It comes packed with lots of integrated plug-ins such as Slider Revolution and Visual Composer. The package contains 15 fully customizable PSD files and free WordPress installation. It lets you choose from 8 header styles and it’s WooCommerce ready.

Bethlehem – Church WordPress Theme

Ichthys – Church WordPress Theme

Ichthys is one of the best-rated WordPress themes created with churches, ministries, shops and non-profit organizations in mind. It offers you 5 homepage styles and unlimited sidebars. Every item of this theme is completely customizable. This theme is fully responsive and it comes with Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, mega main menu and video & background parallax integrated so you will save a lot of time and money.

Ichthys - Church WordPress Theme

Risen – Church WordPress Theme (Responsive)

This complex church theme for WordPress has all the features you may need when creating a church website – a mobile-friendly design, responsive design, sermon archive, photo and video gallery, church events, multiple locations support, team member profiles and news. This theme is very easy to set-up and customize by changing the theme’s colors, fonts and backgrounds. Risen is also useful for non-church websites that need awesome multimedia publishing capabilities.

Risen - Church WordPress Theme

Lord – Church WordPress Theme

Lord is a fully responsive WordPress Theme designed with care for churches, religious organizations, charity services and lots of other similar websites. This theme gives you tons of creative options to showcase the most important information that you want to share with the world. You can publish your sermons and team members. Lord WordPress theme is also Woocommerce-ready has a very simple Event Manager.

Lord - Church WordPress Theme

Evangelist – Church WordPress Theme

This church WordPress theme was built especially for churches, charity or prayer groups, non-profit organizations and more. It gives you the capability to include a working event calendar into your website design and to insert prayer books that can be easily downloadable by your visitors. The slider combines a regular image slider with an events calendar so it’s perfect for repeating events! This theme lets you add almost any type of media: audio, video, PDFs and more!

Evangelist _ Church WordPress Theme Demo

Exodos – Church WordPress Theme

Exodos is a super modern WordPress theme that has a minimalist design that was created for churches and charity organizations. The theme gives you countless customizing options and settings for headers, footers, backgrounds and more! It comes in unlimited color variations. When you get Exodos, you also get some premium plug-ins such as Visual Composer, Essential Grid, Slider Revolution and Model Theme!

Exodos - Church WordPress Theme

Navigator – Nonprofit Church WordPress Theme 

Navigator is a premium theme that will fit perfectly any traditional and modern churches and religious organization, church events and other community events such as donations and more! It’s very easy and intuitive to set-up and customize. It’s also a great option to create a platform where you can start accepting PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and offline donations in a fast and easy way.  Navigator lets you set up as many campaigns as you’d like and customize them to fit your specific needs.

Navigator - Nonprofit Church WordPress Theme

Church: WordPress Theme for Online Ministry

‘Church’ is a fully responsive WordPress theme that has a classy and clean design. This theme comes with WP Featured Image and menu support. It also gives you the option to add featured items on the homepage so you can showcase everything that’s important to you and your visitors. It also comes with Social bookmarks that automatically generates TinyURL that’s perfect for sharing the articles on your website to lots of different social media platforms. ‘Church’ has a nice, clean design that features doves in the header and crosses in the footer.

THE MOLITOR Church Church WordPress Theme

Candidate – Political/Nonprofit/Church WordPress Theme

‘Candidate is a powerful WordPress theme that was created for any kind of political, non-profit or church website. Its versatility makes it a multipurpose theme that has a fully responsive and Retina-ready design. It comes with Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Visual Form Composer included. It gives you the option to choose from 3 homepage styles, 3-level drop-down menus, 2 kinds of sliders, 2 blog styles, unlimited sidebars, 13 gallery types, 3 portfolio post types, 6 blog post types, 10 custom widgets, newsletter subscription included and many, many more! The package comes with 36 ready-to-customize PSD files.

Home v1 – MyChurch Church WordPress Theme

Vision – Multi-Purpose Church WordPress Theme

Vision is a professional, fully responsive ad Retina-Ready WordPress theme that has a very modern and minimal design. The whole idea behind its design is to allows your visitors to focus on your content, be it text or images. ‘Vision’ comes with some great features such as a theme options panel, drag and drop page builder, events features, sermons, causes and useful shortcodes. Building and customizing your page is very easing using the Visual Composer plugin that lets you drag and drop any elements you want. This theme comes with a Donation button included.

Forward – Vision – Church WordPress Theme

House Of Worship – Church WordPress Theme

‘House Of Worship’ is a premium WordPress theme created for church websites, sermons, preachers or religious communities. This theme comes packed with tons of dedicated plugins and admin sections created especially for this type of websites. The Custom sermons plugin lets you create pages dedicated to sermons and preachers. You can also add audio, video and PDF files on your website. ‘House of Worship’ comes with a custom contact form included.

House Of Worship - Church WordPress Theme

Credo – Church WordPress Theme

‘Credo’ church theme comes packed with all the features a church website needs. This theme is Retina-ready, fully responsive and it adapts well on any mobile device or screen you may think of. It comes with a sermon archive, photo and video gallery, church events, support for multiple locations, staff and church news. ‘Credo’ has a versatile design which makes it perfect also for non-profits organizations and charities, conference websites, praying groups and more!

Credo - Church WordPress Theme

My Religion – Dedicated Church WordPress Theme with Events, Sermons and Donations

My Religion Church WordPress Theme is a perfect option for both traditional and modern churches, religious organizations, church events, donations etc. It has a very clean and modern design that will attract new visitors to your website. This theme lets you post your best sermons online and showcase them on your front page and collect donations for your church or for the poor right on your website.

My Religion WordPress Theme Church WordPress Theme

The Church – Responsive WordPress Theme

‘The Church’ is a fully responsive WordPress Theme and Facebook Page Template that was created with churches and religious organizations in mind. The main goal of this theme is to serve religion and charity organizations so it offers many well-thought features for them. Its main 3 features the Events Calendar & Management, Prayer Wall and Donation Meter. This theme also comes with a free Facebook Page Template.

The Church - Responsive WordPress Theme

Church – WordPress Theme is built for Churches and Events

Cathedral is a multipurpose Church WordPress Theme with a very modern and clean design and a fully responsive layout. This theme is content-oriented and is also code-light, making it quick to load. Some of its great features include a theme options panel, drag and drop page builder, lots of features for events, sermons, causes and also some very powerful shortcodes. Church WordPress Theme comes with the KingComposer Page Builder fully integrated.

Cathedral - Multi-Purpose Church WordPress Theme

Praise Church – Responsive WordPress Theme

Praise Church is a 100% responsive WordPress Theme that was built with HTML5 and CSS3 code. It’s compatible with WordPress 4.6.x and it comes with endless customization possibilities and settings. Praise Church was built on the latest Bootstrap 3 framework and it’s very easy to import and customize it. It comes with a Donation button included and it’s WooCommerce-ready so you can easily set-up an online shop.

Praise Church - Responsive WordPress Theme

Prayer – Church Responsive WordPress Theme

Prayer is an ultra-responsive and creative WordPress theme designed especially for churches. It’s a perfect fit for any religion and charity organizations, church, prayer group etc. You can also use it for other business purposes. Some of its main features include the Events Calendar & Management, Prayer Wall, Sermons and WooCommerce Store.

Prayer - Church Responsive WordPress Theme

Forgiven – A WordPress Theme for Churches

Forgiven is a fully responsive premium WordPress theme created with churches in mind. It includes over $200 worth of premium plugins, including Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Soliloquy Slider and Envira Gallery. It’s an awesome option if you’re looking to create sermons, events, and staff pages. This theme also gives you the option to easily set-up an online store because it’s WooCommerce ready. It also supports Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 for form building.

Forgiven - A WordPress Theme for Churches

Church Events WordPress Theme – LightBook

LightBook is a WordPress theme that has a nice, clean design and great functionality. It comes with extended plugins for Events, Donations and WooCommerce so you can build a professional website or to raise donations for different purposes. We think this is a perfect choice for churches, charity events and any non-profit and religious organization.

Church Events WordPress Theme

Grace – Church & Religion WordPress Theme

Grace is a clean and modern WordPress theme that we recommend for any church, prayer group, Christian, charity and non-profit organization that you might think of. It comes with a highly intuitive and modern design that gives you tons of customization options. It’s a great tool for notifying your audience about the upcoming events in your church because of the powerful Events Calendar tool.

Grace - Church Religion WordPress Theme

ChurchWP – A Contemporary WordPress Theme for Churches

ChurchWP is one of the most compact and user-friendly WordPress themes that was created with churches and religions in mind. This theme comes loaded with tons of customizing options and features. It comes with lots of different demos that you can choose from. This way, your website can be up and running in minutes!

ChurchWP - A Contemporary WordPress Theme for Churches

Eden – A WordPress Theme for Churches

Eden is a fully responsive WordPress theme for churches. It comes loaded with some premium plugins such as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and Booked, so you can save lots of money and time. It includes a unique Boxy Page Builder that’s very easy to use. Eden is a perfect option for creating sermons, events, and staff pages.

Eden - A WordPress Theme for Churches

Blessing | Responsive WordPress Theme for Church Websites

Blessing is a fully responsive WordPress theme that was built for anyone that’s planning to create a stunning website for a church, charity, institution or prayer group. You can also use it for various businesses because it has a very versatile design. The two main features that it offers are the Events Calendar and Mail Subscriber that make it possible for your visitors to stay in touch with your latest news and events. ‘Blessing’ works and looks great on every device or screen size.

 Blessing Church WordPress Theme

Church Suite – Responsive WordPress Theme

Church Suite is a premium and very modern WordPress theme with a minimal, Retina-ready design. It’s very content-oriented so your visitors can easily understand your website and get the right idea. It comes with some great features such as a powerful theme options panel, drag and drop page builder, events features, sermons, causes and more! Church Suite comes with Visual Composer, SEO Optimizer and Mega Menu.

Home 2 – Church Suite – Remittal Church WordPress Theme

BetterLife – WordPress Theme For Churches And Charity

BetterLife is a WordPress theme that was designed with great care especially for Churches and Charity websites. It has a very modern and clean design with dedicated pages: Donation page, Course page, Events list, Video, etc. All you need to do is pick your favorite demo layout, import it and start customizing it and inserting your own content in order to create a stunning website in just a few minutes!

Better Life – Responsive WordPress Theme Church WordPress Theme

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