20 Amazing Web Design Typography Concepts

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

For a successful website, web designers should pay attention to details and must not neglect any aspect of a website, from user interface and graphics to typography and animations. Typography is extremely important, as the text is the main focus of any website and the main way of delivering information to the visitor. Thus, we selected here 20 amazing web design typography concepts, to inspire you in creating awesome websites with gorgeous text effects and perfectly chosen font combinations.

Choosing the perfect font and using it in the right way will make a huge difference and will help you convert more visitors into customers. These are excellent examples of web design typography concepts will show you how to focus the visitor’s attention to the right places and how typography can help you turn a boring website into a unique, inspiring project.

Learn from these websites and see what principles you can apply to your upcoming projects. Get inspired!


This is an excellent example of how you can use a stunning typeface and combine it with various design elements in order to achieve an eye-catching design.

Estiosa Tpography concept

Client Comp

Here is another wonderful web design project which uses the typography in a creative manner that will surely get your attention.

Client Comp Typography Concept

Exploring The North Face

This is a creative web design with an interactive layout that will definitely keep you interested. Take a look at the design and see if you like it.

Exploring The North Face Typography Concept

Columbia Clothing X Matterhorn – Expedition 2017

This is an amazing template where the author demonstrates a lot of creativity and a well-thought design with neat functionalities.

Columbia Clothing X Matterhorn Expedition

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 – website

Learn from this amazing website design how to use a stunning typeface in your favor to get the visitor’s attention.


Cherry Blossom Landing Page

This is a neat landing page concept design that uses typefaces in an interesting manner. This is an interactive design that you’ll surely love.

Cherry Blossom Landing Page

Step Inside Burma Live!

This is a fully interactive map which uses illustrations, animated icons, and beautiful typefaces to get the message across.

Step Inside Burma Live


This is an outstanding design with a high-impact that can’t get unnoticed. Check out the full-size demo and see what new things you can learn and then apply into your own designs.

HIGH Typography Concept

Roney Gibson

Here you have a creative website design which was created as a promo site for an artist. The designer used a lovely font in a creative manner that gets your attention.

Roney Gibson by Mike

Teaori / Website design

This is an outstanding website design with a beautiful layout and high-quality images, icons, and, typefaces.

Teaori Website design


Here is a creative manner on how you can use an exceptional typeface and truly make it stand out.

 Reef Typography Design

Type Terms

This is an exceptional design that uses an outstanding typeface in a very creative manner. Take a look and get inspired by this outstanding manner of displaying your content.

Type Terms Typography Concept

Your Future

A strong contrast between the typeface and the background can be a great idea to make sure your message gets heard loud and clear. Also, the designer used a unique font which looks amazing.

Your Future Typography Design


Get inspired by this creative website design which uses beautiful typefaces in a creative manner. See the full demo and discover its full functionalities and features.

Kashoo Design

Matt Luckhurst

Here is a very creative manner of using typeface in your favor to make your website more interesting. Is this something you might consider using in your designs?

Matt Luckhurst Design Illustration


This is an outstanding website design that demonstrates how you can creatively use a typeface to get your user’s attention. This dark themed layout has an impressive layout which uses high-quality images and beautiful typography.

1MD Web Design


This is a minimalistic web design with a simple green background, where the typeface and the image are perfectly visible and recognizable.

Mixd Creative Design

The Threepenny Editor

This vintage-looking website has a lovely design that demonstrates that a well-thought typeface, stunning illustrations, and beautiful colors can significantly improve your overall design.

The Threepenny Editor

Denise Chandler | Web Design

Here is another wonderful example of a professional-looking website with an impressive design. Get inspired and see what you can do to make your design stand out.

Denise Chandler Web Design

Vintage Hope

This is another amazing website design with a vintage look. The designer used beautiful effects, with marvelous typography that makes it stand out.

Vintage Hope Web Design

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Design your way

There are a lot of Android browsers out there for your phone and others devices.

You use them for everything almost without thinking: social media, browsing the web, reading books, checking email, even texting and calling.

Which browser you use can make a difference in how easy you can do all these things. So, what is the best browser for Android devices?

Well, that depends on what you want out of it. All the different browsers for Android have different features, appearances, speeds, and general performances.

Here is an overview of several of the best Android browsers available today.


Apus is browser designed to run smoothly on lower end devices with slow internet connections and 2G/EDGE. It does a really good job at this.

It has a favorite shortcuts features and a good tabbing system, so it doesn’t skimp on the necessities despite being designed for less capable phones. It also has incognito and night modes for nighttime browsing to save your eyes.

It has a myriad of other features, including full screen, desktop site, pattern lock sites, an offline mode, one-click record clearing, and speed mode, which renders pages faster.

Brave Browser and Link Bubble

Both Brave Brower and Link Bubble are new Android browsers that made their debut in 2016, both developed by Brave Software. Brave Browser comes with an ad-block and is based on Chromium.

It can also shield you from being tracked by websites as you surf the net—and all features can be turned off if necessary. Link Bubble is a bit different with its interface, opening links in a small bubble that can be accessed during the use of any other app or on the homescreen.

Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta features the latest updates to Google Chrome before they hit the standard version. While Chrome Beta encourages feedback on new features, it doesn’t require it.

As with anything in beta, you’ll get some stability issues. This problem is not very frequent, but it does happen. This browser will still keep you beyond up-to-date with Chrome’s features, so issues are fixed regularly as part of the beta testing process.


Chromer essentially functions as a launcher for Chrome Custom tabs. It grabs links and opens them in a Chrome Custom Tab. It requires Google Chrome to be installed in order to function fully.

You can use this app to force apps to use Chrome Custom Tabs if they don’t tend to use them, including apps like Facebook.  There is a free version, of course, and also a pro version with a few more features that you can pay for.

CM Browser

CM Browser is among the fastest Android browsers.  It’s also very lightweight at 2.9 MB and has AV-Test verified security. The interface is really great, and this could easily become your favorite Android browser.

It provides gesture control for easily accessing favorite sites. It also has great security features, automatically scanning spyware, malware, and quarantines.  The Card Tabs feature allows you to access several websites simultaneously.

Its Privacy Cleaner completely cleanses all of your personal information, including browsing records and bank information. It is possibly the best mobile browser, with a lot of bang for its size and (nonexistent) expense.


Dolphin began as a mobile app, instead of being a desktop browser reconfigured for mobile devices. It is another candidate for best Android browser, especially since it’s been there since the beginning of Android. There is also a desktop version, and desktop sync is a smooth experience.

It has a custom voice search, as well as gesture controls to access your most commonly visited websites.  It also has a third party add-on service for extra options, and even its very own theme engine. Free of charge, you can customize your browser to your preferences.


Firefox is one of the desktop mainstays, a solid experience that many people swear by. The same is true for their mobile browser. As you can expect, it syncs very well with their desktop version and offers just as many customization options and well-integrated add-ons.

The mobile version of Firefox offers the same privacy, security, and sharing options as their tried-and-true desktop browser, as well as offering a reader mode to reduce visual clutter.


Flynx works in a floating window instead of the unusual full screen seen with most mobile browsers. Developed by InfiKen labs, this ‘‘windowed mode’” allows you to access other apps simultaneously.

Links open in a bubble to the side of the screen, loading in the background until you decide to open it. It also comes with night mode and other standard features.


Flyperlink is trying to be the newest and best mobile browser on the net. Going off the assumption that you use your web browser as a background tool and reference, Flyperlink opens links in an easily-minimized floating window.  The minimized windows sit in the foreground as bubbles, requiring only a touch to expand and read.

This browser app also offers a built-in share button as well as support for Chrome Custom Tabs. As you can see, it is often updated to keep up with the latest browser and mobile features. Flyperlink is a great tool for quickly references websites you frequently visit.


Ghostery does its best to make you a ghost on the web, hence the name. Tracking cookies are ubiquitous on the web today, used for almost everything, though they are most frequent in ads. Ghostery is the best Android browser available for those who want to do away with those tracking cookies.

Ghostery’s mobile app is an extension of their desktop browser plugin. It can tell you exactly what a site is doing to track you and allowed you to manage their actions according to your own preferences.

You can get rid of tracking entirely from a certain website with a simple push of a button. If you decide that you really, really did not want to visit a site, you can get rid of tracking cookies virtually instantly.

The Ghostery app also offers tracker-free search engines like Duck Duck Go. If you’re looking for an alternative to ad-blockers, this is the Android browser app for you.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is possibly the best Android browser in the world right now. Carefully designed by the tech giant and extensively tested (see the Chrome Beta browser mentioned earlier), Google Chrome’s mobile browser offers a multitude of features and choices. It’s very easy to customize your web browsing experience to your needs and desires.

Many of the features found in Google Chrome’s desktop browser are available, including HTML 5, built-in Flash, and the option to save passwords. Data saver (make sure you enable it, if you want it) and incognito are also offered. You can easily sync your bookmarks, histories, and passwords with your desktop version of Google Chrome.

While Google Chrome’s fast rendering makes it a premier choice, all its elaborate features make it a memory hog. If your smartphone doesn’t have enough power, it can be painful, and potentially impossible, to use.


This Android browser app has a very elegantly designed interface. You most-read pages are displayed on your homescreen, with your most frequently visited at the top and the least visited at the bottom.

It also features an incognito mode, as well as a full reading mode, good for easily reading long articles. It’s a more intelligent kind of browser, feeling more intellectual than Firefox or Google Chrome. It includes AdBlock plus, as well, so Javelin also has your privacy covered.

Maxthon Web Browser

Maxthon uses a cloud engone. Specific activates are offloaded to certain servers. The company’s MxNitro is the company’s newest high-performance browser app.

It loads webpages faster than all other web browsers you can find as of this writing, loading up to 30% faster than Google Chrome.

Maxthon is all about offering a perfect high-performance browser. Everything has a minimalist design, stripped down for a sense of speed, like a high-performance race car.

It is as clutter-free as possible for a comfortable browsing experience.  As a part of that, it is very lightweight, not demanding too much of your device’s CPU.

Mercury Browser

Mercury Browser strives for simplicity with a straightforward UI. It has a built-in file manager for exploring your downloads or looking through your cloud storage. It also features privacy browsing, a reading list, user agent switcher, a day/night mode, and no image browsing—all of which is only the tip of the iceberg.

It also features privacy browsing, a reading list, user agent switcher, a day/night mode, and no image browsing—all of which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Use the FAB icon to add a page to your book marks, speed dial, or reading list. These FAB settings are easily customized, too.

There are a variety of plugins available for Mercury, including screenshot, gallery mode, and AdBlock.  You can sync passwords, bookmarks, and histories with other devices via Mercury connect.


Opera’s desktop browser has been around for nearly 20 years. The Android app reflects that dedication and experience. It has more than 50 million installs from the Play Store. The app’s slogan is, after all, “Do more online with Opera” and its features live up to it.

This web browser app syncs across devices, including your desktop, with normal browsing functions available to all, including private browsing and bookmarks.

Opera’s premier feature is its data-saving features. It does all it can to save you bytes while viewing pages.  Videos are compressed while viewing them on a mobile platform, using less data while still offering a good viewing experience.

While it isn’t the fastest browser, pages usually load all at once, rarely with waiting time for images to load.

Naked Browser Pro

Naked Pro is a brand new browser app. It offers good security measures while providing excellent browsing speed, as well as a number of very useful features. Tabbed browsing, minuscule app permissions, and heightened security are all available. Naked Pro’s installation size is very small, a good option for those seeking a lightweight Android browser app.

Even in light of those perks, the Naked Pro browser app does have some drawbacks. It lacks GPS functionality, for example.  It remains a good choice for older or lower end devices with limited processing power and drive space.

Next Browser

The Next browser is meant for light to moderate users. Its UI is simple and clean. It offers all the standard features of a mobile browser app: full screen mode, bookmarks, private browsing, night mode, no image mode, and more. Plugins are available through the extension center.

There are not very many of them, but it should be more than enough for a light user.  Its fanciest feature is the ability you switch the user agent to Android, iPhone, or desktop. Next Browser is a basic, simple, and very functional web browser app.

Puffin Web Browser

Puffin is a very fast and very customizable web browser app. It comes with a number of add-ons and backgrounds. Puffin transfers relevant information of its cloud servers before delivering them to devices. Because of this, it loads large site files more quickly on devices with smaller bandwidth, like smartphones or smaller tablets.

This Android browser app has fairly light permissions, making it the fastest Android browser you can find for a smartphone.  Its free version, however, is only a trial version, while the paid version is the only longer term, full-featured choice available.

UC Browser

UC Browser might very well be the best browser app for downloading files. It has great download speeds and you don’t need any download manager apps to get it to work.

UC Browser’s theme can be customized and it offers a night mode as well. Its turbo boost is similar to Opera Turbo but works well.

UC Browser’s biggest issue is that is more-or-less swamped in third-party ads. There is promotional content everywhere. The notifications can become incredibly annoying.

If you are good at ignoring these and you want good Android mobile web browser for downloads, give UC Browser a try.


As you can see, there are a lot of contestants for the title of best browser for Android. At the end of the day, all of them are unique, as are your needs.

Hopefully this article provides a good starting point. Take a look at any of the mobile web browsers mentioned above and see what works best for you.

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20 Blog Design Tips for Creating Successful Blogs

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

WordPress is an excellent blogging platform that allows you to easily create and manage a blog and even a multipurpose website. It includes powerful features that, along with interesting content, will ensure your blog’s success. 

This article includes 20 blog design tips for creating effective blogs. You can learn many interesting tricks on how to make your blog more successful. Follow these guides to improve your blog’s design and increase its traffic.

These blog design tips are about choosing the theme, how to properly customize its features, what plugins to use, how to use graphic elements in your favor, and more.

Get creative and use these blogging tips to build outstanding blog websites. Interested? Let’s dig in!

P.S. Check out these blogging plugins you should start using today! 

The Complete List of Resources I Used To DIY My Blog Design

This article gives you the full story behind how the designer created this blog: what resources were used and how.

The Complete List of Resources

How to Add a Custom Favicon + Free Favicon Templates!

Favicons look beautiful on any websites and it adds more personality to your blog, making it recognizable even from the tab.

How to Add a Custom Favicon


Follow these great tips to create your own self-hosted blog by using WordPress. You can do it in a few easy steps, just follow the info.

How to Start a Self Hosted Blog on WordPress


“About Me” is an important page for any blog where you tell the world a little about yourself. Learn how to make sure your users will definitely remember you.

How to write your About Me page


The design is an essential part of any website. For a successful blog, you need to always have great content and also have an eye-catching design that will keep your users interested.

The Five Most Important Elements of a Blog Layout

Own Your Site Design: An Intro to CSS for Bloggers

You can always improve your website’s appearance by customizing its features with the help of CSS. How can you do this? Have a look at this article!

Own Your Site Design

Why you need a ‘START HERE’ page for your blog

You might want to consider creating a ‘Start here’ page for your website to keep your users find their way around your blog.

Why you need a START HERE page

10 quick design changes that will instantly improve your blog

Here you have a neat collection of 10 design changes that will instantly improve your blog’s design. Discover and use them in your online projects.

10 quick design changes that will instantly improve your blog

How I Create Graphics for My Blog & Business

You might need to create your own graphics to add to your blog and it’s important to know what programs you can use for that.

How I Create Graphics for My Business

Where to Find Free Images to Use in Web Design

There are a lot of websites that offer free or paid images that you can use in various projects. Here are some of these sites where you will definitely find whatever you need.

Where to Find Free Images

How To Design An Awesome Sidebar For Your Blog

This is a wonderful tutorial that shows you how to create a neat sidebar for your blog. You will be working in Adobe Illustrator.

How To Design An Awesome Sidebar

Landing Page Tips and Tricks #MyBlogU

Any website needs a landing page to get your users more interested in your content. Learn how to build an eye-catching landing page by following these tips.

Landing Page Tips and Tricks

How to Edit Your Blog Photos to Perfection

Optimized high-quality content makes the difference between various websites. Use these tips to learn more about how to edit your images to make them perfect for your blog.

How to Edit Your Blog Photos to Perfection

5 Blog Hotspots To Place Your Opt-in Forms And Grow Your Email List

Each website can discover its hotspots by using a heat map. Find the ones in your blog and use those places for your most important content.

5 Blog Hotspots To Place Your Opt in Forms

Blog Design Tips for Beginners

This is a perfect article that summarizes various useful tips for any beginner that wants to start a new blog.

Blog Design Tips for Beginners

SEO For Beginners: How to SEO Your Blog Posts (Updated for 2017)

You can improve your blog’s ranking and traffic by optimizing your blog’s SEO. Follow these tips and use them to attract more users.

SEO For Beginners

How to Start a Blog: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

Learn all that you need to do right from the start to make sure your blog will have the success you’re looking for.

How to Start a Blog


Here you have some useful tips that you can follow to manage your images and use them on your blog.

3 Simple Image Creation Tools for your Blog

Getting Your Name Out There – 8 Helpful Blogging Tips to Increase Readers

You can improve your ranking and get more readers by following some neat techniques. Here are 8 tips that will help you achieve that!

Getting Your Name Out There

DIY Blog Design: 30 Free Tutorials

Here you have 30 free tutorials that you can follow to achieve stunning DIY blog designs. Learn each tip to create professional websites.

30 Best Free Photoshop Tutorials

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