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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The logo has become a symbolic and representative statement in all modern business. Utilizing creative design with an eye towards strategic marketing makes logos have impact, but this requires hard work. Nothing can make or break a corporate identity more quickly, than a poorly designed logo.

A well designed logo is memorable and communicates brand identity. For most companies today, the creation of high quality logo design is the key to advertising to their niche markets. Designing the right company logo is absolutely necessary. It will be used continually to attract new customers, advertise to existing markets, and as the public image of the business itself.

To make the process of choosing the right corporate logo easier, this collection offers examples of many well designed logo stylings. These are some of the choices that can be used for stylistic inspiration, when attempting to create that perfect company logo. Please explore this logo design collection and let it be a visual guide, when exploring the many possible choices.

There are few websites that have a more professional logo design collection, or as wide a variety of design options. In crafting a high quality logo design, be sure that it is something that makes an impact when viewed and will remain memorable. Be sure that it is an image that meets the needs of the company or business being represented, but communicates a clear message.

A professional logo design is the most important advertising choice that any company will ever make. So be sure that it is the best choice, as well. Logo design is an art, because every chosen company logo is creating a piece of business history and some will become the symbols of greater business legacies to come. Choose your logo design wisely, then continue to use it successfully.


Leap Logo Design


Flashback Logo Design


Infoxicated Logo Design

The Game Shop

The Game Shop Logo Design

Idea Farm

Idea Farm Logo Design

iPOP Eyewear

iPOP Eyewear Logo Design


Form Logo Design


Aerogram Logo Design


Adimurti Logo Design

Bee A Maze

Bee A Maze Logo Design

quit smokin’

quit smokin Logo Design


SushiRoom Logo Design

Deep Draft

Deep Draft Logo Design


Jibe Logo Design

Miller Gunsmithing

Miller Gunsmithing Logo Design


Flickshooter Logo Design

Branding Iron

Branding Iron Logo Design

Watch Merchant

Watch Merchant Logo Design


SAV Logo Design

Green Gadgets Store

Green Gadgets Store Logo Design


Doshmo Logo Design


illusoria Logo Design


PT Logo Design


growshare Logo Design

Right Amount of Weird

Right Amount of Weird Logo Design


doGtv Logo Design

Greek Eat

Greek Eat Logo Design

Blackberry Bakery

Blackberry Bakery Logo Design

Sweet Bar

Sweet Bar Logo Design


Eminent Logo Design

Bull City Learning

Bull City Learning Logo Design


seahorses Logo Design

Police Badge

Police Badge Logo Design

Tucka Tomato Sauce

Tucka Tomato Sauce Logo Design


Meskis Logo Design

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine Logo Design


10 Quick Tips for Photoshop Users

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There are plenty of great Photoshop tutorials available online for graphic designers that are looking to learn new things. However, working through detailed tutorials can take a long time, and sometimes newer Photoshop users aren’t able to follow the tutorials.

In this post I’d like to highlight 10 quick tips that are ideal for less experienced Photoshop users, or for those who want to learn something new without much time available.

Add Visual Texture in 3 Easy Steps

Tutorial9 shows you how to quickly and easily improve an image or a design just by adding some texture.


Use the Grid in Photoshop

Another tip from Tutorial9, this own shows how using Photoshop’s grid feature can improve your work.


Rotating Brushes

Getting more comfortable with brushes should be a priority for new Photoshop users. One of the most helpful tips is learning how to rotate brushes to suit your needs.

rotate brushes

Button Mode Actions

Jay from Bittbox shows an alternative for using keyboard shortcuts to work with Photoshop actions. He shows how he uses actions with a single click.

button mode actions

Lightning Fast Layer Groups

Getting a firm grasp on layers and their potential is an essential for becoming proficient with Photoshop. This is another time-saving tip from Bittbox.

layer groups

Free Yourself with Automate Batch

Chris Spooner shows the basics of using Photoshop to automate repetitive tasks, which can save lots of time and frustration from doing the same things over and over.

automate batches

How to Enhance a Vector Image with Photoshop

The creation of bitmap images seems to be the most common use of Photoshop. However vector shapes are easily just as important considering brands, logos, and icons. This quick tutorial explains how you can refine vectors when working inside Photoshop.

refine vector graphics adobe photoshop tut

5 Photoshop Shortcuts/Tricks to Boost Productivity

This post from Hongkiat actually covers 5 tips, but they’re all simple, to-the-point, and effective.

5 tips

Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop

It helps to memorize the shortcuts for some of the most common tools you use in Photoshop. It is much quicker than accessing menu commands with the mouse, and it’ll shave loads of time off your project work. This guide should help you get started with the most popular keyboard shortcuts.

hongkiat keyboard shortcuts photoshop

Killer Photoshop Tips for Designers

There are so many tips worth discussing that it’s hard to organize a complete list. One recent article on Hongkiat goes much more into detail about super-simple Photoshop Tips. These can work ranging way back to Adobe Photoshop 7 moving up towards CS5 and CS6.

hongkiat blog list photoshop tips

For more Photoshop resources, see:

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