24 Free Bootstrap Themes You Can Download

Monday, February 29, 2016

Bootstrap is a great framework with powerful features which helps web developers create high quality responsive websites. Bootstrap makes front-end web development significantly faster and easier, and uses two of the most advanced CSS preprocessors: Less and Sass. You can start working with a precompiled CSS or build on the source.

Bootstrap websites are very popular because of their high responsiveness and easy customizability. They look great on all types of devices, from phones to tablets, to desktops, which is essential nowadays if you want your information to reach your target audience as much as possible. Bootstrap accomplishes this by using a  single code base for scaling your websites and applications.

In addition to being fully responsive, Bootstrap offers lots of custom HTML and CSS components and a variety of awesome jQuery plugins that are fun and easy to use. It also provides great documentation for common HTML elements, for a powerful and beautiful website design.

Today, we selected 24 free Bootstrap themes that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with. Use them for your business, institution, and ecommerce websites, or for creating and sharing events or showcasing your portfolio. Regardless of the category, Bootstrap is sure to offer a professional and stunning look for any website. You can download any of these great themes and work on them, customize or modify their designs as you please – the choices are infinite!

Here they are!

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Corlate – Free Responsive Business HTML Template

Corlate is a free responsive business html template. You can download it for free, customize it and use it as long you want.


Cyprass – Html5 responsive business template

This is a responsive business template. It’s HTML5 and CSS3 Validated, based on Twitter Bootstrap 3, has 2 Home Variations and more.


Evento – Free Music Event Template

This is a great free music event template you can download for free.


eShopper – Best Free Ecommerce HTML Template

E-Shopper is the best free ecommerce html template. This 100% responsive html ecommerce template powered by bootstrap 3.


Triangle – Free Responsive Multipurpose Template

Triangle is responsive HTML template dedicated to all companies, institutions that organize and host meetings or just want to show creative side of their small business.


Flat Theme – Free Responsive Multipurpose Site Template 

Flat Theme is the best free responsive site template ever. This clean yet elegant design template has been developed using Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework.


Multi – Free Responsive OnePage HTML Template

This responsive HTML5 theme will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, or any other professional purpose website.


Fornax – Corporate Site Template

Fornax is a content-focused theme that presents a minimal design with featured images (slideshow).


Spirit8 – Free Bootstrap HTML template

Spirit8 is bootstrap based HTML template suitable for digital and agency website. It is responsive, and user friendly theme.


Elegance – Responsive One Page HTML Template

Elegance is a Flat modern and stylish parallax HTML Template. It’s fully responsive and optimized for tablet and any others mobile screen.


Nova – Multipurpose Site Template

Nova is a multipurpose HTML template based on twitter bootstrap 2.3.x. This template comes with 16+ ready pages.


Acme – Free Responsive Corporate Template

Acme is a modern Free Responsive Corporate Bootstrap Template developed based on Twitter bootstrap 3.x. It can be used for your business website.


SantaGo – Free Christmas Sales & Affiliate Landing Page Template 

SantaGo is another free Bootstrap Responsive HTML Christmas sales and affiliate page template.


Blue – Onepage Business Template

Blue is a html5 one page landing page template developed based on twitter bootstrap. It can be used as show case for your Business website and Beauty & Spa website.


Kite – Free Responsive Coming Soon HTML5 Template

Kite is a Free Responsive Coming Soon Page Template build with Bootstrap, Ajax, Font awesome, Countdown, Parallax and some other script.


Flat Asphalt – One pager Prallax HTML 5 Template

Flat Asphalt is a beautiful, modern and stylish parallax One pager Prallax HTML5 Theme. It’s totally responsive and optimized for tablet and any others mobile screen.


Drifolio – Free Responsive Dribbble Portfolio Template

This is a free responsive Dribbble portfolio template you can use to showcase your awesome work!


Cyrus Studio – free bootstrap portfolio theme

Cyrus Studio is a beautiful and modern Free Bootstrap Portfolio Template which is specially designed for the digital agencies that focus directly on portfolio showcase.


Oxygen – Free Bootstrap One Page Theme

Oxygen is an incredible Free Bootstrap One Page Portfolio Theme. This Bootstrap HTML5 Template will suit app, software, agency portfolio, services, small company and creative websites.


Sunrise – Responsive HTML5 Coming Soon Template

Sunrise is a Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Coming Soon Template built with Bootstrap3.


Egret – HTML5 landing page

Egret is one page product landing page. You can grab it for your product’s or app’s showcase.


Unika – Responsive One Page HTML5 Template

Unika is a free Responsive One Page HTML5 Template perfect for personal portfolio or small business agency.


eElectronics – eCommerce HTML Template

eElectronics is an awesome, creative E-commerce HTML Template. eElectronics can be use in any type of eCommerce website.


Timer- Free Responsive Coming soon page

Timeris a Responsive Coming soon page with cool elements.


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CaptainForm Review – And Why Line25 Switched to it

Today we will be reviewing CaptainForm – a WordPress plugin built specifically for creating various types of forms. First, it should be noted that after we reviewed CaptainForm we switched to it from another forms plug-in we were using, so that should speak about the quality of this plug-in. Let us look at CaptainForm and see why it would make an excellent choice for you.

CaptainForm is a WordPress forms plugin, built for WordPress by a company that specializes in creating forms (123ContactForm). The WordPress version is pretty new, but 123ContactForm have been building form plug-ins for years, having built stand-alone form plug-ins, WordPress plugins, Wix contact form plug-ins and more. This isn’t a new development company just starting out – it is a well established development company that excels at what it does.

CaptainForm is a plug-in that can be used to create almost any type of form. You can see the WordPress page for it with few, but extremely positive reviews of people putting the WordPress forms builder to various types of uses. On Line25, we are using it as a contact form plugin.

Take a look below to see how easy it is to create a contact form using CaptainForm. After you’ve installed the plug-in, click on New Form and you are presented with an option to choose the type of form you want to create:


You can see that the options are Blank Form – ideal for someone who wants total customization, Contact & Lead Form, Event Registration, Order Form, Survey, Quiz Form, Poll Form and “Other” Form, which is a catch-all for any other type of form you want to create with CaptainForm. I chose Contact & Lead Form, and from there I was taken to this page:


There are a number of customization options here which I personally didn’t have the need for, as I want to make sure the form is simple and to the point. I did customize it a bit though, putting the subject that I want, and making sure that all emails go to hello (at) line25.com.


I then explored other customization options to see what I would need:


As you can see from above (which shows just part of the options), the plug-in is extremely customizable. You can show a message to the person who filled the form, redirect them to any page you want, show them specific HTML code and more. Options like these aren’t available on any other WordPress forms plug-ins that I’ve seen.

But that’s far from all. You also have a number of appearance customization options in your form, as you can see from the below screen shot.


I stuck to a color scheme that is similar to Line25’s. It should be noted that you can also use your own CSS, making sure the form blends perfectly with all of the site’s colors.

CaptainForm also has a number of add-ons which you can use within the form itself. You can see below a total of 24 add-ons (we’re using the Hero version) that can be connected to the form, such as Salesform, Mailchimp, iContact, Aweber, Zendesk and many more.


Do you want to create a payment form within your contact form? You can do that too with CaptainForm. You can see the screen shot below which shows some of the extensive options in the “Payments” tab of CaptainForm:


And finally, what form would be complete without an excellent security and anti-spam features? CaptainForm has a number of security options, such as form password protection, anti-spam protection, multiple Captcha settings (even a “Smart Captcha” setting which automatically detects when to show captcha and when not to show it), and even a country-wide filter that allows you to further limit who can contact you and who can’t.


There are a number of other settings inside CaptainForm. CaptainForm is an extremely diverse, polished and complete WordPress form plug-in – something that we have ourselves started using and can recommend to others.

Now let us talk about pricing. CaptainForm has 4 plug-in versions, and you can choose that one that suits you best. The plans start at the free version, which can be used on 1 site and allows you to create a total of 3 forms with 15 fields, 500 submissions a month and gives you 100 MB of storage. The next plan costs just $35/year (a bit over $1/month) and allows unlimited forms with unlimited fields to be used on 1 site. It also moves you up to 5000 submissions per month, gives you access to 5 native form add-ons (as mentioned earlier) and gives you 500 MB of storage. The next level up costs $95/year (just ~$8/month) and lets you use the CaptainForm plug-in on 3 websites with unlimited forms, fields and 20,000 secured form submissions per month, as well as a total of 14 native add-ons and  2 GB storage. Finally, the Hero plan, which is what we are using on Line25, allows the plug-in to be used on unlimited sites with unlimited forms and fields with 100,000 secured submissions per month, all 24 native add-ons, 10 GB of storage, payment integration and multi-site support. The Hero plan is the most expensive, but it’s still extremely competitively priced at just $195/year (~$16/month). Compare this to WuFoo Forms, which is what we were using previously, where the highest level plan is $69.96 per month and you will quickly see just how cheap the Hero plan is at $195 per year, and how much of an incredible deal it is.

To sum up this review, we are happy to have discovered the CaptainForm plug-in for WordPress and can recommend it to anyone looking to create any forms on their WordPress website.

You can check out CaptainForm by following the link below:

Check out CaptainForm WordPress Plug-in

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Design your way

Call to action is a term that we often come across with and which refers to the fact that elements on a page solicit an action from the user.

We interact the most with this notion when we are designing buttons that, evidently, are encouraging the user to perform an action like buying a product or viewing a page.

While some designers do their absolute best to create good call to action buttons, the majority ignores this important element and treats it like any other button on the site. The most that average designers do is make the button attractive and fit into the site design, but that isn’t enough to make them effective.

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28 CSS Effects & Tutorials All Designers Must Know About

Friday, February 26, 2016

CSS effects will add a special touch to any website. This type of coding language can be used to create cool visual effects and layouts for your website, and best of all, it’s relatively simple and straightforward. Even if you’re not familiar with coding, it won’t be very difficult to get the hang of it. However, it will require a certain amount of creativity and experimentation. The good news is that you’re not alone – there are so many designers and developers who can share their knowledge with you by showing you CSS tutorials so that you won’t run into the same problems all the time.

We have found 28 CSS effects and tutorials that will help you with your design projects. Some of these are pre-made for you, and others will guide you in creating something of your own. If you’ve ever wanted to come up with unique typography effects, learn how to create parallax scrolling, or recreate the touch ripple effect, you’ve come to the right place. We found some great tutorials to help you on your journey to becoming a better designer, and, hopefully, learn a little more about coding, which is a very useful skill to have nowadays.

Once you master the use of CSS, you’ll be able to create beautiful css-based designs with great efficiency and ease. Creating designs based on CSS instead of heavily relying on images makes your websites light and fast. The best part about CSS is that it gives you complete freedom over the design process, so you can come up with something that’s never been made before. This makes designing more fun and exciting, and allows the designer to add their own special touch to their projects. Most coders agree that the best part about it, in spite of being tedious at times, is the complete artistic freedom that it gives them.

This article features 28 CSS effects every designer must know about. The tutorials are extremely easy to follow, and very useful, regardless of your previous experience with coding. You might even realize that you absolutely love coding and that you’d like to experiment with it more. Regardless, we hope that you’ll learn something new and apply these new skills to your next web design project. Also, let us know what you think in the comment section below!

How To Create Flat Style Breadcrumb Links with CSS

How To Create a Trendy Flat Style Nav Menu in CSS

How To Create a Pure CSS Dropdown Menu

Typography Techniques & Styles




HTML burger button


Slide and push menus


Fluid menu with transparent icons


Dot navigation styles


Fixed vertical menu


Round, flat and flip-style CSS toggle switches


CSS3 Star Wars lightsaber checkboxes


Animated single input 3D form


Slideshow/click through box


Reavealing image captions


Style and animate SVG elements


Animate festive SVG icons


Flat responsive sliding boxes


Simple parallax scrolling page


Fullscreen product wall


Slide-out footer


Touch ripple effect


Animated weather icons


CSS3 3D experiment


Extruding text effect


Flat and 3D progress button styles


Circular progress button


Stylish CSS Butons


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