5 Top Tools that Encourage Task Management and Collaboration

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Design tools can’t do everything. They can save huge amounts of time by automatically performing certain design and project management functions. Some of these same tools save even more time by encouraging team collaboration.

Project managers are still faced with having to form a working team with a diverse group of designers, who bring with them diverse skills. These skills, which contribute a great deal toward making a team greater than the sum of its parts, can also undermine a project’s chances of success, if not properly managed and directed.

Collaboration can also be a challenge. Inexperienced designers, or those who have not worked on teams before, do not always have well-developed collaboration skills. Selecting the right project management tools, including those that encourage collaboration, can thus be a blessing.

Team leaders need more than the right tools. They need to subscribe to the following principles to ensure a project’s success.

1)    Clarify individual roles to avoid duplication of effort and oversights.

2)    Assign responsibilities to individuals; but, never to groups or the team.

3)    Assign decision making responsibilities. If more than one person is involved, specify the mechanism required to reach a decision.

4)    Review project goals; constantly. Otherwise, teams or individuals tend to lose focus.

5)    Use the right tools for the right tasks; for the sake of efficiency, and to make life easier for everyone.

Subscribing to these principles, and using specific tools for specific jobs, can smooth workflows, encourage team collaboration, and boost productivity. These 5 tools provide the solutions many teams and team leaders are looking for, and often, they offer solutions for freelancers and entrepreneurs as well.



If sharing design work and collecting feedback for your team is complicated, stressful, or just too slow, Wake has the solution. Wake is the fastest and easiest way to share design work. Even better, you don’t have to interrupt the design workflow in the process.

You can integrate Wake directly into your workflow, allowing you to share designs with colleagues without ever leaving Photoshop, Sketch, or Illustrator.

One example: If you have information in your notebook or on your whiteboard you want to share, snap a photo with the Wake iPhone app. You can send the information to team members instantly. The same app allows you to check a project status or give feedback on the go. Try it for 30 days for free.



If your team is using 3 or 4 different platforms to perform 3 or 4 key functions, maybe it’s time to tryInVision. This design-driven project management platform will make your work a whole lot simpler, and much more efficient.

With InVision, design teams and freelancers alike can create prototypes of web and mobile products, and seamlessly share, modify, and user test them. Upload a static design file, add gestures, transformations, and animations, and you can create an interactive, high-fidelity prototype within minutes.

InVision’s collaboration features allow team members and stakeholders to review and provide feedback on your designs in real time. General Motors, Nike, and Apple are but a few of many large corporations using InVision. Freelancers, small teams, and design agencies also help make up the 2 million strong InVision community. Request your free trial today!

Active Collab


Active Collab is an all-in-one tool which lets you collaborate with your team, manage projects, track time, and create invoices – all that using a single app. This centralization increases your productivity because you’ll no longer have to split work, communication, and management across multiple platforms (which is highly inefficient and makes it difficult for the team to see the whole picture).

You can customize Active Collab to a high degree so it fits the way you like to work. Tasks can be displayed on a Gantt chart, a Kanban board, or a simple list, plus you can run all sorts of reports to gain insights in your business. Active Collab’s collaboration features also ensure you’ll get comments and feedback in real time.

Active Collab runs on the cloud. All you need to do is create a free 30-day trial, no setup or installation. If you would prefer to run Active Collab on your own server, you can do so by paying a one-time fee.




Paymo is the ideal task management tool for design teams and creative agencies. This online app helps you manage your projects from start to finish. Features include real-time collaboration and file sharing, automatic time tracking, expense management, and managing estimates and invoices.  You’ll find Paymo’s Gantt charts and Kanban boards most helpful for your project planning and scheduling activities.

Other goodies come with Paymo as well; including iOS and Android apps. A 15-day free trial is yours for the asking.



Pinning notes to a board is one approach to project planning, but things can quickly get disorganized. Using Pinnery is just as easy, and this customizable project management tool does an excellent job of keeping everything tidy, organized, and highly visible. With Pinnery, you can share everything with everyone, and team collaboration is encouraged.

Start with ideas, determine which are worth pursuing, and in a short time, Pinnery will present you with a color-coded, ordered list of project tasks. Since Pinnery is online, there’s no installation required on your part; and you can start using it for free.

Summing up

There’s something here for everyone. Project managers who have been in the habit of using several apps to perform several tasks, will be happy to see what a multi-purpose, single platform app, like InVision or Active Collab, can do. Each of these 5 tools encourages team collaboration, but none do it better than Wake. You can share everything with everyone without interrupting your design sessions.

Paymo should be a good fit for small teams and creative agencies. Paymo’s charts and Kanban boards can be customized to fit a team’s workflow. The Pinnery project planning app does an excellent job of taking your ideas and helping you transform them into ordered lists of tasks. You can also try any of these 5 apps for free.

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40 Best Google Slides Presentation Templates

If you are working on a deadline and you need to design a professional presentation that will make an impact on your audience, then these Google Slides presentation templates may be just the right thing for you. Browse through this collection of dynamic layouts and choose the one that best suits your project. There are plenty items to choose from with different styles, all with exceptional designs.

All these high-quality templates have fully editable elements so that you can customize everything as you please. Also, they come with lots of unique slides that will guarantee your success. The themes come in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio and have multiple color schemes to choose from. Some of them support transition animations and have particular features such as data charts, infographics, mockups, and more.

They are very easy to customize and to make them perfect for your project. You just need to insert your text, drag & drop your images, play with colors, transitions, etc. and you are done.

Here are 40 best Google Slides presentation templates for you to look at, see their full features and choose the ones that are perfect for your project.

Investor Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

Investor Pitch Deck is an excellent Google Slides template with a modern and clean design. This multipurpose template has a professional layout and can be perfect for your business.


Edge Minimal Google Slides Template

Edge is a clean and simple Google Slides template that comes with 179 one of a kind slides. It has a professional design and it is easily customizable.


Creative Vertical – Google Slide Template

Creative Vertical is a Google Slides template which has the following features: 44 unique vertical slides, fully editable, uses vectors, 500+ font icons, and more. Take a look at its full specifications.


Gemini – Creative Google Slide Template

Gemini is a creative Google Slides template that comes with more than 80 one of a kind slides and it is fully editable. It uses smooth transition animations and has 500+ font icons.



Avera is a great theme that has over 75 custom layouts which come with dark or light versions. It uses great animation effects as well as many vectors and fonts. Enjoy!


Company – Presentation Template

Company is a professional Google template that can be best used for business presentations. It has 150 layouts and 10 color themes, all with dark and light backgrounds.


KDBR Google Slides

KDBR is a great Google template which comes with more than 138 premium custom layouts. It is an excellent multi-purpose item that is fully editable


Graces – Creative Google Slide Template

Graces is an excellent Google Slides theme that has over 80 layouts. It is easy to customize and it comes with smooth transition animations.


Speed Google Slides Templates

Speed is a google slide template that uses both PPT and PPTX formats. It comes with a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio  and it will look amazing when adding your information.


Mazano – Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Mazano is a professional Google Slides template that has 234 one of a kind layouts. It includes 24 color schemes and over 3000 vector icons that are fully customizable, and so much more. Take a look!


Libra Google Slides Presentation Template

Libra is a Google presentation template that comes with 210 different slides, with fully editable elements. It is compatible with both 4:3 and 16:9 and it has beautiful animations, infographics, and charts.


Dione – Creative Google Slide Template

Dione has over 90 one of a kind sliders, more than 500 font icons, beautiful animations and it is fully customizable. You can easily change its shape, color, size, position, and more.


Vision Google Slides Template

Vision is a Google template that has the following features: free fonts included, HD 16:9 aspect ratio, 600 icon pack, and more.


Creative Google Slides Templates Bundle

This collection of Google templates that can be used for different types of presentations: medical, business, marketing, education, luxury, etc. It has fully editable vectors and smart objects and it also uses animated icons.


Vulcan – Business Google Slide Template

Vulcan is a Google Slides template created for businesses and it includes over 160 unique layouts. Its has smooth transition animations and it is rapidly customizable.


Alamak – Creative Google Slide Template

Alamak includes the following features: 80+ unique layouts, 500+ editable font icons kit, transition animations, infographics, and more.


Ceres – Creative Google Slide Template

Ceres is an excellent Google template that contains more than 85 one of a kind layouts. It is great for 16:9 aspect ratio and you can easily edit and customize it with drag & drop actions.


Vesta – Creative Google Slide Template

Vesta contains over 80 Google Slide templates that have a 16:9 aspect ratio. It contains elegant transition animations and it is fully customizable.


I’m The Food – Google Slide Template

I’m The Food is a fully editable Google Slide template with lots of one of a kind layouts. It has more than 500 icons, transition animations, infographics, and more.


Draco – Creative Google Slide Template

Draco is an excellent Google Slide template with more than 80 layouts that are fully customizable. It contains many transition animations and great infographics.


The Titan Slide – Google Slides Template

The Titan Slide is a great Google template with a collection of over 85 unique layouts and more than 500 icon fonts. It comes with 5 pre-designed themes with different colors: blue, green, red, yellow, purple.


EPOCH Slides

EPOCH Slides has all the elements you need to design a gorgeous presentation. This theme has lots of customizable elements, layouts, maps, infographics, charts, vectors, and more.


MNML Slides

MNML Slides gives you all the tools to create professional presentations. It has over 150 modern slides that are for both 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratio and it is A4 print ready.


RIDGE – CREATIVE Google Slide Template

RIDGE comes with 10 great themes that have more than 60 unique slides created for 16:9 aspect ratio. You can easily customize its elements to make it fit your project.


Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template

Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template gives you the tools to create professional presentations. It contains lots of elements, layouts, maps, infographics, charts, vectors, icons, and many other great features.


Digital Art – Google Slides Presentation Template

Digital Art Google Slides Presentation Template is a multi-purpose template which can be used for businesses, agencies, portfolios, education, sales, and more.


Material Slides Google Slides Template

Material Slides is a great Google template with slides designed for 16:9 aspect ratio. It includes 600 modern icons and is easily customizable.


Galileo Google Slide Template

Galileo Google Slide Template is great for creating professional presentations. It includes over 150 one of a kind slides,  graphics, charts, tables, diagrams, all fully editable.


LAND Minimal Google Slides Template

LAND Minimal Google Slides Template includes more than 84 one of a kind slides. It is fully editable and easy to customize with over 700 icons and infographic elements.


Minalo – Google Slides Template

Minalo is a Google template which contains 133 one of a kind slides. It supports both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio and has fully editable elements.


Five – Google Slides Presentation Template

Five is a great Google presentation template that can be used for various businesses. It includes vectors, smart objects, and various elements that are fully customizable.


Gamuda Google Slide Template

Gamuda Google Slide Template comes with the following features: 130+ unique slides, drag & drop editing, mockup devices, and ore. Download it and discover its full features.


Vintage – Google Slide

Vintage Google Slide offer all the necessary elements to create professional presentations. It includes 110 one of a kind slides, 500+ font icons, fully editable vectors, and more.


Watercolor – Google Slide

Watercolor includes 58 one of a kind slides that are optimized for 16:9. It also contains 1000+ font icons and fully editable vectors.


Business Layout Multipurpose Google Slides Presentation Template

Business Layout is an excellent presentation that includes 100 unique slides.  You can easily edit its features and use it for your project.


Viktech Google Slides

Viktech Google Slides has the following features: 82 unique slides, 6 color versions, 700+ vector icons, and more. Use all these elements to create your professional presentation.


Mizada – Business Google Slide

Mizada contains 160 well-designed slides with a 16:9 & 16:10 aspect ratio. It is easily customizable with great animations, effects, and 14 excellent themes to choose from.


Oratio – Business Template for Google Slides

Oratio Business Template offers all the necessary elements to create amazing  presentations. It contains 282 one of a kind slides which are easily customizable.


Creat Google Slide Templates

Creat Google Slide Template includes easily customizable elements that allow you to create the perfect presentation for your project. Take a look at its full features and see if it is good for you.


Quil Google Slides Template

Quil is a multipurpose Google Slides Template that offers you all the necessary elements for you to create modern presentations. It includes many great features, some of them are: handmade infographics, data charts, maps, tables, timeline, and more.


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