25 Brilliant Infinite Scroll Website Designs

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Infinite scrolling is an incredible technique which is used frequently on websites and becomes more and more popular each day.

This technique is very user-friendly as instead of making the user click on pages, it lets him/her scroll the mouse while the content appears automatically. The reason why infinite scrolling is used more and more in web design is that mobile devices are used by a lot of people and there is a tendency of deploying our content vertically.

Infinite scroll is great for some sites and types of content, such as images, while for others it can be a disaster. That’s why implementing infinite scroll on your website should be a strategic part of your design framework. If you decided to change the look of your site, you will find below some great examples of infinite scroll website designs for your inspiration.

This roundup of infinite scroll website designs should show you how infinite scrolling can be used successfully. Enjoy!

Now You See Me 2

This incredible scroll platform is the official site of the movie Now you see me 2.  If you take a look on this site, you will certainly go and watch the movie!


De Haus

On this site, you can scroll and scroll and scroll to find information about this Brussels bar. You can discover more than 50 types if gins and tonics. Amazing site for those who like strong shots and brilliant web designs!


The Forecaster Interactive

On this interactive site you can discover more about the financial advisor Martin Armstrong’s life and predictions.


Return to Antikythera

This luxurious and elegant infinite scroll website presents a Swiss watch brand. The site features a collection of luxury watches for men and ladies. Scroll and admire!


Studio Meta

This exquisite and clean site was specially created for Studio Meta, a French design agency. You will surely want to be one of their clients after you see their portfolio in an infinite scroll design!


Creative Cruise

This creative and crisp website is celebrating Amsterdam’s creative vibe. Like the creators of the site say: just hop on board for beers and beats!


Resn Dim Sum

This site is the heaven for web designers because it is a collection of the best design projects, all showcased on an incredible infinite scroll platform.



This is not only an amazing website, with incredible illustrations, but it is also a great experiment. Two photographers are shooting at the same time in two different places around the world. One selected shot is presented on the site every 30 minutes. Smart, isn’t it?


World of Swiss

‘World of SWISS’ is a fabulous interactive one pager that takes a traveler behind the scenes to experience a day with the Swiss Airlines crew. The site features a 3D scrolling experience that you will love!


Département Créatif

This eye-catching responsive flat website is the creation of a driven ad agency based in Toulouse, France. The final result is absolutely stunning. You will be inspired!


Distance to Mars

While browsing this neat site you can travel to Mars with the help of pixels. After clicking on a button, the site automatically scrolls down and after few seconds, you find out that, at the current state of space technology, it will take at least 150 days to get to Mars in pixels.


Andrew McCarthy

This is the creative site of Andrew McCarthy, a digital developer. The user experience is a fun one and you can definitely be inspired.


Orange History

This inspirational Orange site is a journey to discover the company’s heritage and read its history via 30 highlights and 130 key dates.


FENDI: FendiLife

Fendi is a luxury fashion house that sales fur, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes and much more. Their infinite scroll website design has the same opulent and expensive look that will blow your mind!



Kartell is a leading company of Made in Italy design around the world. On this sharp and smart site you can scroll and find a great deal of gorgeous items.



Ermenegildo Zegna is an Italian luxury fashion house that sales men’s clothing and accessories. The site has the same luxurious feeling, and you feel pretty special while browsing on this elegant and exquisite site.



Space Shower is a cross-cultural music event produced by Space Shower TV to celebrate next generation of creativity in Tokyo. The design of this site is a funky one, and you can easily scroll to see all categories and events.


BeatBox Academy

The Beatbox Academy wants to help you find your own voice and style. On this site, with the help of some amazing features, you can invent new sounds that nobody has ever heard.


Adidas Snowboarding

This clean site, with its black and white background, showcases the new collection for Winter 2015.  The web design reflects in the perfect way the brand Adidas.


Pi’s Epic Journey: Creating the Unforgettable

This is an awesome film interactive page that presents the epic journey of Pi. This Parallax scrolling website supports multiple backgrounds scrolled independently in horizontal and vertical directions to improve the experience on the website.



Blast contains an original 3D graphics series while different sound levels will change color. You can use filters to blur, desaturate or blow stuff up. Try it!



This is a simple but still elegant and impressive website, created for a luxury sandals collection.


Shamballa Jewels

Shamballa Jewels one of the most distinctive jewelry brands to emerge in recent times. This deluxe website design is one of the most exquisite on the market.


Design Week Portland

This catchy infinite scroll website presents two days of events on the Main Stage: tons of free or low-cost events and open houses, creative and hosted by Portland creative community.


The New MountainDew.com

This fresh interactive site is so user-friendly! It includes some games, video, lots of vivid pictures and displays all Mountain Dew products that will make your mouth water!

The-New-MountainDew com

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4-Point Checklist to Choose Your Coding Agency or Web Dev Team


Designers, in particular, are sometimes faced with the dilemma of not knowing who to turn to for the vital development work. Taking advantage or the 4-point checklist presented here, places web designers and design agencies in a position to select a highly qualified development agency and avoid potential development problems.

Step 1. Research the agency’s online presence, paying particular attention to their portfolio and testimonials.

Their portfolios show what these agencies are capable of doing. Testimonials give credence to how well they do it. Happy clients are an indication of quality workmanship and prompt and on-time product delivery. Check the website for case studies that indicate a strong and transparent collaborative presence. If you like what you see, it’s time to contact the agency.


A good example is Xfive ,an agency that has more than 10 years of experience. Here is their take on transparency:

“We believe that being fair and transparent on every stage of the project brings the best results. It’s one of the main reasons that over 80% of our clients return to us with another project, and many of them are long-term partners” says COO Milosz Bazela.

Step 2: Set your specific criteria.

Take a second look at the size and/or complexity of your project, and ask yourself if you need the services of mid-level coders, or a team of talented, highly-experienced professionals. You may prefer a developer who uses a solid, tried and true approach, or you may be looking for a team that has acquired a reputation for following the latest technological trends and using the most up-to-date and innovative coding techniques.

The latest trends and techniques often go well beyond writing clean, structured code. They also address communications, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas. What you want to look for, is a development agency that understands your way of seeing things and will help you reach your project’s objective.

As Milosz explains:

“It is always important to find a proper balance between hype and reliability. Our developers are opened to new technologies; they love to learn new things, as to stand still, is to move back. However, not every technology that is getting hype is proper to real customer’s needs. It’s our job to find the right solution, that will be both cost effective on one hand and right for the project’s size on the other.”

Step 3: Make a shortlist and compare.


You naturally want to choose the best, most serious coding agency to take on your project. You want assurances that your deadlines will be met, and within a budget agreeable to you. Determine the developer’s approach to keeping you in the loop, including consulting practices that are upfront and indicate a willingness to offer useful advice. Avoid the services of “yes” men.

Make certain the coding agency takes a professional approach, has an understanding of where you are coming from, is willing to share its methods and procedures with you, and regards the working relationship with you as a partnership.

Joseph Kurian from 249 Labs, a company that can boast of 20 years of experience in the digital sector, has this to say:

“After receiving excellent referrals, I spoke to 3 development companies.  After exhaustive research and conversations my comfort level was most with Pawel, Xfive’s Project Producer.  He understood exactly what my vision for Open Lantern was, he understood how his team could help deliver what I needed, and he had excellent communication skills. In addition, he’s a good guy and very easy to talk to. Based on the competence the team showed and the favorable pricing, we decided to go with a smooth transition from design to development and I knew that Xfive would be the right partner for 249Labs & Open Lantern.”

Step 4: Pay attention to every detail to understand how you will be treated as a client.


From the time you’ve first initiated contact, until the last report is in your hands, pay close attention to how the development agency is treating you. As a client, you have every right to expect prompt, personal attention. If that is not the treatment you are receiving, it’s time to look elsewhere.

A list of things a bad web design agency can be guilty of can be lengthy, but here are some of the more common warning signs you want to watch out for:

  • Distance yourself from an agency that is slow to return your calls or respond to your emails, or ignores them all together. Questions you may have, or information you wish to relate, that is not acknowledged or responded to can have a devastating impact on deadlines, end-product quality, or both.
  • Other warning signs include not being kept up-to-date with feedback. A development team may have the best of intentions, but may be poorly organized. You may not know what they are doing. Worse yet, they may not fully know either. Make certain the project managers understand precisely what you want and is keeping you fully informed – at all times.

As an example, how does Xfive handle their starting point with a start-up?

It’s always good to have a brief and a documentation, but let’s be honest, it’s not always possible to have such a clearly defined scope. Of course the more precise a customer is, the more we can focus only on project management and development, and be cost and time effective. But we can always advise best solutions based on our experience with variety of projects of different sizes and complexity.

For startups, we usually suggest an “agile” approach and encourage customers to cooperate with our team as much as possible. Of course, Xfive’s developers and PMs are a part of the team, but it is the customer who has his own vision of the innovative product/service that he wants to introduce to the market. That’s why defining the scope and the size of the project is an important part of the whole process” says Xfive’sCOO, MiloszBazela.

Your Checklist Revisited


The assumption is that, due to a lack of in-house talent and expertise, you have decided to outsource the development effort. This is usually a wise decision, and is where the checklist, summarized here,enters the picture:

  • Carefully research development agencies’ online presence, paying particular attention to their portfolios, testimonials, and case studies. Make a point of looking for transparency in their operations.
  • Review your development criteria to help you locate an agency that has the appropriate skills to take on your project, whether it is large or small, simple or complex.
  • When you contact an agency, look for a professional approach on their part, and for a team that will work with you up-front, understand your line of thinking, and work with you as a partner.
  • As you begin negotiations, pay close attention to how you are being treated. If it’s not what you have a right to expect – go elsewhere.

About Xfive


The Xfive team has provided outsource web development services for digital, design, and creative agencies and startups over the past decade.

  • Xfive cares deeply about partnerships. Instead of treating you as just another customer, they serve as an extension to your design team; providing their quality expertise to your organization. Xfive partners have included Microsoft, Fox, Twitter, eBay, and other web big brands.
  • Xfive has offices in Australia (HQ), North America, and Europe, so time zones are never an issue. Front-end, Back-end, CMS, ecommerce, Mobile, or you name it, Xfive does it.
  • Xfive works to a 24-workflow, so once your project is underway it will be completed in short order. Since coding is done the highest standards, changes and maintenance are a breeze. Xfive’s Quality Assurance team, one of the best in the industry, makes sure of that.

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Design your way

Abstract textures can prove to be a really good resource even though at first sight they don’t look like much but in the hands of a skilled designer they can be really useful when working on a design project.

Most of the time you probably don’t notice how subtle is the difference that these textures make in a design, being more a touch of finesse to the final result and in other cases it’s really noticeable, making the texture a key part of the project.

In this article there are 60 high quality free abstract textures that you can download and use. As before, I’m telling you to read the licenses that accompany these resources and use them properly.

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25 Bright Pink Website Designs

Monday, May 30, 2016

Pink may be associated with more feminine designs, but you’ll see that this is not a universal rule.

Though, pink will certainly make you think of cotton candy or bubble gum, t is also a very interesting color to use in a web design, maybe especially because it’s not that common. Moreover, pink has so many shades, from bold pinks to cherry blossom tones and it can be used as a great accent color which will surely catch the visitor’s attention.

In this article, we gathered 25 bright pink website designs. Some of the websites shown below use pink as a primary color, even on backgrounds, while others use it as a contrast/accent color. Either way, the final results are stunning.

In the end, you will enjoy all these designs and you will discover how versatile and fun can pink be. Tell us what you think!

The VHS Retrominder

This cute site is a 90 seconds quiz that challenges your retro culture. Some images appear on a retro screen, and you have to type the name of the movie. You will love it!



This lovely, user-friendly site is created to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Publicis90, a global initiative to foster digital entrepreneurship. You can find all kind of useful information on this site!

Publicis90 pink website designs

Around the World in 12 Dishes

This delightful site will take you around the World in a collection of 12 Dishes.  Get cooking!


Year in Music

This engaging website created by Spotify is a new tool that lets you relive all the songs you loved this year. You will have such a great time!


Chekhov Is Alive

Chekhov Is Alive is a cultural project incorporating literature, theater, and modern technology. All these are presented on an attractive and easy-to-navigate site.


Found Them First

This is another cool tool created by Spotify that is called “Found them first.” This is a simple web page that allows you to find out, based on your listening history, which big-name artists you discovered before they were famous.

Found-Them-First pink website designs


This lovely pink platform is an interactive timeline that draws historical event from Wikipedia and self-updates daily with newly recorded events. The site lets user spans across 14 billion years of history, from the Big Bang to 2016.


History of Icons

This interactive animated site is a visual brief on icon history that presents different graphical user interfaces in various operating systems. So cool!



This colorful, delicious site contains motion graphics, 3D animations, illustrations and more. It is a really nice looking and entertaining website, with an unusual color palette.

Panic pink website designs

Nice and Serious

This is the site of Nice and Serious, an ethically-driven creative agency. They showcase their work on an adorable site that contains videos, illustrations, animation, and much more fun stuff.


Run Better / Newton

This is a sweet interactive website for Newton running. The design includes creative motions graphics pieces to show the highlights of their shoes. Just browse on their website for more chic stuff!


Lois Jeans Spring-Summer 2013

This site bursts of color and joy! Created for Lois Jeans, for Spring –Summer 2013, this “Colour Your Life” site is so much fun!


New Music USA

New Music USA site is an information and support center for contemporary classical music and jazz. The site is an engaging and interactive one, easy-to-use and to find what you are looking for.


Everything You Need to Know About Design

This super cute site is an image bookmarking and discovery platform that curates, catalogs and shares images. You can find thousands of amazing and creative images to enjoy and share with the world.

Everything-You-Need-to-Know-About-Design pink website designs

Egopop _Creative Studio

Egopop is a site which showcases the portfolio of a very talented web designer. The pink and fun layout, with animation included, will boost your mood!


Social Design House

This adorable animated platform is the site of Social Design House, a full-service design house located in Rock Hill, USA. It is a real pleasure to navigate on this site!


Dribbble Interactive Infographic

This pink and gray site is presenting an HTML interactive infographic featuring Dribble. The site makes use of HTML5 markup and advanced CSS3 effects.


Love Notes

This charming site is created in honor of Valentine’s Day. This is a tool that takes a message from you and turns it into a poem with each letter corresponding to a song.

Love-Notes pink website designs

Beautiful Watercolor 

This is a sweet, creative WordPress theme that comes with a great set of features. The graphics in this theme have been hand painted by an artist, so this is a unique creative template.



This is a precious WordPress template which is perfect for minimal personal blogging, portfolio or displaying artwork. This layout is also suitable for photographers, designers, graphic designers and much more.



This is a wine online shop with neon pink accents. It has a clean but vibrant design you’ll love.



This is a lovely site that features lots of bottles. The specialty of these photographers is photographing bottles of any shape, any content, and any size.



This e-shop has a feminine and elegant design which you will adore. It is also easy-to-use and fully-responsive.



This is Angie Dudley’s blog that contains recipes and decorating ideas for cakes and other desserts. The site has a pink and charming design that will inspire you to bake some goodies!



This bold bright pink is the site of Solid Giant, a small business, created with love and from love for web design and branding. Enjoy!


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The Cash Box Blueprint

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