20 Free Flat UI Design Resources

Friday, July 29, 2016

If in the past the trend designers used to follow was packing sites with flashy illustrations and animations with the purpose of amazing the visitors, nowadays the trend shifted to a more minimalist and clean approach, and that is how the flat design trend has emerged.

Flat design opposes cluttered design techniques and it is more simplified and aesthetically pleasing. More and more app and web designers have started following this trend, and this can also be seen in the wide variety of free flat UI design resources we can find on the web.

Today, we selected some fresh and free flat UI design resources for you, with great flat color palettes and well-designed elements. These include flat icon sets, flat dashboards and admin panels, website templates and even app screens!

Here they are!

PSD flat icons by Pierre Borodin

Here’s a great freebie we have found on Dribbble, created by a great designer you should follow. Pierre Borodin is the author of 2 fantastic flat icons sets you can download and use.


Flatilicious – 48 Free Flat Icons

Here’s pack of 48 free flat icons, that were designed by Lukas Jurik. You will find multiple types of icons in this set, perfect for various types of projects.


Flat iPhone5S mockup

This  freebie is a flat iPhone 5S mockup viewed from 3 different angles. This free PSD was created by Nabil Ghulam.


iPhone 5C flat mockup PSD

Here is a flat iPhone 5C mockup which comes as a fully editable PSD file. It includes both horizontal and vertical variations to help you showcase your next project with a flat iPhone 5C mobile device.


UniGrid – 100 free flat icons

Here’s a free sample pack from the Premium UniGrid Flat icon set including 100 flat and colored icons. These icons are available in PSD, Ai, EPS and PNG formats. This freebie was created and released by Icojam.


iPhone5S – Flat design mockup

Here is the iPhone 5S flat mockup, delivered in PSD format. You will find included both the horizontal and vertical views. Also, smart layers were used to create a great showcase for your flat design projects.


Free PSD flat website template

This free PSD template created by Blaz Robar is called Illustrate and it is a free flat design PSD template of a portfolio website.


It’s Flat – PSD icon set

It’s Flat is an amazing icon set containing 48 flat and colored icons. This PSD freebie was designed by Sebastiano Guerriero.


Free Icon Set For Designer’s Workflow

This is a free icon set design resource made by Dribbble user Roma Datsyuk. You will get plenty of free icons you can use in your future projects.


Login Sketch Freebies

Here is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Ranjith Alingal. Use this as a login form on either websites or apps.


Hygea Dashboard FREE PSD

Check out this free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Patryk Wąsik. Use it as a dashboard on websites or web apps.


Sales Dashboard iPad • PSD Download

This is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Bradley Bussolini. This is a sales dashboard which can be used for mobile apps, websites or web apps.


My Activity UI/UX Free SketchApp Challenge

Check out this free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Serhiy Semenov. This is an app screen design created for a fitness app.


Activity Monitor — FREEBIE for Sketch

Activity Monitor is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Jardson Almeida. This was created in sketch and can be used as a mobile or web app.



Onboarding is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Racine Davis. This is an onboarding screen created for an app.


100 Days of UI – Day 001

100 Days of UI is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Shawn Golden. This is a lovely form, perfect for apps, with 3 steps integrated in it.


404 error empty screen

404 error empty screen is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Pramod Kabadi. This has a flat/outline design and its simplicity is what makes it so appealing.


No Internet!

No Internet! is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Ranjith Alingal. This is an app screen but it can easily be adapted for web as well.


UI challenge – Music Player #009 #Freebies

UI challenge – Music Player is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Brice Séraphin. This can be used on music websites.


Project Analytics Dashboard

Project Analytics Dashboard is a free UI design resource made by Dribbble user Stelian Firez. This flat dashboard freebie can be used on both mobile and websites.


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20 Best New PHP Frameworks

Choosing the right  PHP framework is very important for web developers. A good PHP framework will help you build websites faster and easier and also provides a feature-rich environment for a smooth web development process.

PHP frameworks are always evolving and new updates are released often, that is why we decided to share with you today, some of the best, new PHP frameworks web developers can use to ease their work.

Do you use any of these? Or maybe we missed one PHP framework you like? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP is an MVC framework, designed to have full support for HMVC. This is a modular and secure framework, ideal for beginner web developers as well as more advanced users.

1-Fuel- PHP framework


This framework makes building web applications simpler, faster, while requiring less code. It also offers improved session management, ORM improvements, good code generation and scaffolding features.



Zend Server has many useful features for developers. It helps them create quality apps faster, automates the  delivery of those apps from code to production, and provides the best back-end platform to ensure your apps perform at scale.

3-Zend PHP frameworks


CodeIgniter is easy to learn and use and it is packed with useful features like easy configuration, no large libraries, and more.

4-CodeIgniter PHP framework


Slim is a lightweight templating engine that can be used as a micro-framework. It’s loaded with features and has an incredible routing system. 

5-Slim PHP framework

Flight PHP

Flight is a fast, simple, and  extensible PHP framework that enables you to quickly and easily build RESTful web applications.

6-Flight-PHP PHP framework


This is one of the most popular frameworks for PHP developers. It has an amazing ORM, painless routing, powerful queue library, simple authentication, and more awesome features. 

7-Laravel PHP framework


PHPixie is easy to learn. It started as a micro framework and has gradually grown to be one of the most popular full stack PHP frameworks.



Medoo is the lightest framework in this list and it is extremely easy to use. The great thing about it is that it also supports various SQL databases. 

9-Medoo PHP framework

Nova Framework

Nova Framework is a simple but powerful MVC PHP Framework for building web applications.



Nette is a popular tool for PHP web development. It also uses revolutionary technology that eliminates security holes and their misuse.

11-Nette PHP framework


Phalcon is extremely fast and very easy to learn. Its innovative architecture makes Phalcon the fastest PHP framework ever built!

12-Phalcon PHP frameworks


POPPHP is a simple, lightweight, and powerful framework. It has many useful components that can be used within an application or as standalone components as well.

13-POPPHP PHP framework


Fat-Free weighs in at under 50KB. It is a powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust web applications – fast!

14-Fat-Free PHP framework


Symfony can be a great foundation on which you can build some of the best PHP applications. It lets you choose from any of the 30 stand-alone components available for your own applications.

15-Symfony PHP framework


YiiFramework isn’t for beginners, as it is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications. It is packed with rich features: MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, authentication and role-based access control, scaffolding, testing, etc. 



Aura is a framework that provides independent library packages. Each library is self-contained and has only the things it needs for its core purpose.

17-Aura PHP framework


Silex is a PHP micro-framework that was built on the shoulders of Symfony and Pimple.

18-Silex PHP framework


Agavi is a powerful, scalable PHP5 application framework that follows the MVC paradigm. It focuses on long-term quality over short-term solutions.

19-Agavi PHP framework


Zikula is based on Symfony and Doctrine and it is an open source framework, perfect for small projects. 

20-Zikula PHP framework

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