50 of the Best Free and Premium eCommerce Templates

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New to eCommerce? Don’t want to browse thousands of mediocre designs to find the one that is the best fit for your own store? We can help you! In today’s roundup we have collected some of the best responsive eCommerce templates: Magento themes, PrestaShop themes, Shopify themes, OpenCart templates and WooCommerce themes. It covers pretty much all the popular eCommerce website building platforms, being your faithful navigator in the world of eCommerce design.

The article is divided into 5 parts, each featuring free and premium eCommerce templates for the aforementioned platforms. So let’s begin.

Magento Themes

Free Magento Themes

1. F2 Free Magento Theme


F2 is a free Magento 2.0 theme. It possesses most of the features of its premium sister theme, but is absolutely free for download. F2 is for those who want to try out Magento 2 for their fashion store without buying a pig in a poke. At the same time, this theme is pretty well balanced, looks professional, and delivers great user experience.
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2. FitBody


FitBody is a free responsive Magento theme with a fresh look provided by the image-rich layout and pleasant colors of its user interface. It even supports mega menus, which is pretty unusual for free themes, so you can easily use it for your live store, and not only for testing. Due to its color palette it will work well for online stores that sell modern goods – electronics, sport equipment, etc.
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Premium Magento Themes

3. F2 Premium Magento Theme



And now it’s time for the premium version of F2. F2 is a one of the best responsive eCommerce templates developed by TemplateMonster for the latest version of Magento. This splendid Magento 2 theme is packed with original modules, professionally tailored pages, sliders, swatches, badges, and other visual and functional elements. With F2 you don’t have to worry about any additional optimization of your store: everything already works as it should. You just need to upload your product descriptions and images in order to make your eCommerce business work for you.
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4. Vini


Vini is a good alternative to F2 in terms of design and functionality. This Magento theme is intended for fashion stores too, but it is more suitable for selling casual clothes because of its modern typography. Its navigation is simple but powerful, including dropdown mega menus, hidden areas, Ajax search and a shopping cart. All these elements are available from everywhere on the website thanks to the ‘stick-to-top’ attribute of the menu bar.
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5. iShop


iShop was designed for tech stores based on Magento. It has a modern, futuristic look provided by flat design elements and crisp animations. All the menu items are supplied with topic-specific icons suitable for any online store that sells computers, smartphones and other hi-tech gadgets.
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6. Ketty


Ketty is a mega popular Magento 1.9 theme for fashion businesses. This theme will turn any online store into a self-sufficient selling factory with integrated email marketing capability, blog functionality and social media tools. Ketty comes with 5 home layouts, alternative ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About’ pages, Google Maps, product labels, testimonials and more. Its professional pixel-perfect design will be sufficient, as much for large established fashion stores, as for beginning businesses, whose owners want to grow their customer base quickly and effortlessly.
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7. Electro


Electro is one of those eCommerce templates which provide a solid design solution for many types of Magento-based online stores. Its peculiar feature is an incorporated custom Google Maps widget on the homepage, whose location marks are styled to match the general design of the template. Electro is what every premium Magento theme should be: multifunctional, visually flawless and highly customizable.
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8. Style


If you want to create a positive image for your brand, better stick to great, expressive photography. With this Magento theme it will be easy, as it is fully focused on large photo-based banners and content blocks. The layout is quite simple, so you can freely customize it without creating problems.
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9. T-Shirt


This responsive Magento theme is a great ready-to-go design for fashion stores that are focused on millenials. Its simple design, with a rebellious tint, is perfect for selling t-shirts and other casual wear. Additionally, this theme is deeply integrated with Instagram and Twitter – the social networks that are especially popular among teenagers.
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10. Fashion Online Store


Another item on our list of responsive eCommerce templates is a high-quality Magento theme for a fashion business. It has a minimalist layout with an unusual arrangement of content blocks and product images, and is best suited for smaller stores. This theme comes with a fully-fledged blog, which will help you carry through your marketing strategy.
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PrestaShop Themes

Free PrestaShop Themes

11. Book Hangover


Book Hangover is a neat free PrestaShop theme optimized for selling books, compact discs, stationery, and such. Unlike most free responsive eCommerce templates, which are quite limited in functionality Book Hangover offers different color schemes, ready-to-use newsletter pop-ups, mega menus and other premium-level options.
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12. Prestige


If you want to launch a fashion store oriented towards men you should pay special attention to usability and straightforwardness. This free PrestaShop with mega menus, masculine serif fonts and sharp clear-cut lines will make a great design background for such a store. At the same time Prestige is not devoid of purely decorative visual enhancements. It comes with parallax effect, slide-in text effects and on-hover animations.
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13. Tire Rack


Tire Rack is a bold free PrestaShop theme created in dark colors, with colorful accents. It has rich customization options under the hood, so you can easily apply it to your new or established online store. For example, you can choose another color combination to give your store a different look.
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Premium PrestaShop Themes

14. Molotok


Molotok is a premium PrestaShop theme able to handle even the largest store with lots of products and categories – thanks to its smart, content-rich layout. It comes shipped with several alternative homepage designs, header and footer styles, 15 premium extensions, and much more. With a choice of 8 one-click-enabled color schemes you can change the look of your store effortlessly. This is one of the best PrestaShop themes developed by TemplateMonster, a certified PrestaShop theme developer.
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15. Queen


Queen is a top-notch fashion PrestaShop theme with a simple, elegant design based on light pastel hues and smooth CSS animations. It is available in 4 color variations, and provides a choice of premade header, footer and homepage structures.
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16. Bikerita


Bikerita is a lightweight and fresh-looking PrestaShop theme for all kinds of sport stores. It boasts an extremely functional category/search page with tons of filters and color swatches, which will greatly contribute to the usability of your website.
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17. Styler


Styler is a PrestaShop bestseller theme with a pack of alternative page layouts, changeable color schemes, and a professional clean design. Its powerful customization tool allows for quick redesign of the template, and requires no specific coding skills.
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18. iShop


This modern PrestaShop theme features impressive full-page sliders with vertical scrolling, unique animated menus and advanced product previews with images that switch on mouse hover. It will work well for online stores engaged in selling electronics and software.
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19. Kinder


With a hybrid dropdown/mega menu, Ajax-powered search, integrated blog functionality, lazy load effect and colorful banners this playful PrestaShop theme is a smart choice for eCommerce shops of any size. It is fully responsive, supports multiple currencies, and comes with all the visual effects you can see in the demo.
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20. Computer Store


The last PrestaShop theme on today’s list of responsive eCommerce templates is intended for tech stores, but it can be used effectively for any other purpose. Its visual part is powered by a broad choice of modern CSS3 effects such as shadows, blur and transitions.
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Shopify Themes

Free Shopify Themes

21. Fleur De Lis


Fleur De Lis is a free Shopify theme with an elegant, feminine design. It is fully compliant with the Shopify requirements for themes, so you can apply it to your online store right away. Fleur De Lis is supplied with Lazy Load and transparency effects, stylish round-shaped images, and a sticky menu.
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22. Retco


This free Shopify theme boasts large borderless images, which make your store look like a fashion magazine. Its layout is pretty simple, clutter-free and extremely clean. If you are on a budget, this theme is just what you need for your fashion store.
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Premium Shopify Themes

23. Brilliance


If you need a modern and elegant design for your fashion Shopify store, we recommend this responsive premium theme. Brilliance is another great specimen of a website design with a monochromatic color palette. This theme is particularly suitable for small stores with a few exclusive products. This theme is awesome, but it’s just one of more than 200 Shopify themes to choose from.
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24. Computers


This classic responsive Shopify theme has been developed specifically for large online stores involved in selling computers and electronics. It features a spacious sidebar menu, a top menu bar with category labels, minimalist category banners, and a pleasant color palette.
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25. Handbag Boutique


This responsive Shopify theme stands out because of its focus on a single product, which can be promoted via a large banner in the top part of its homepage. It offers such modern visual and functional features as parallax scrolling effects, multiple color schemes, stick-to-top menus, and embedded newsletter forms.
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26. Ambiance


Except for newsletter pop-ups, this clean Shopify theme comes with social media widgets, animated countdowns with call-to-action buttons, and other useful marketing applications. It features a classic boxed layout and page-wide footer and header areas.
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27. Diving Online Store


This extraordinary Shopify theme can become a nice design background for any Shopify store that sells sport and fishing equipment. It comes with 4 color schemes, mega menus, integrated Google Maps, and cutting-edge visual effects.
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28. Gourmania


We hope you aren’t tired of browsing this long list of responsive eCommerce templates. If not, then welcome Gourmania. It is a responsive Shopify theme for food stores. Among its features there are ghost buttons, responsive sliders, product labels, and much more. It includes an embedded Facebook widget, which can be used to grow your customer base with the help of social networks.
Live Demo | More Info

29. TimeCraft


TimeCraft is a classy Shopify theme for online stores selling expensive accessories such as watches, jewelry, etc. It includes a dedicated area for manufacturers, which will be useful for boosting the credibility of your store. Integrated Google Maps with customizable markers will come in handy for providing more information about your office or warehouse.
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30. Home Electronics


Home Electronics is another minimalist and simple in use Shopify theme with a multipurpose design. Its straightforward look, based on rectangular shapes and sharp lines, makes it perfect for online stores selling electronics.
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OpenCart Templates

Free OpenCart Templates

31. Hotspot


Hotspot is a great way to make your online store look nice without paying a penny. This free OpenCart template offers an image-rich boxed layout with large flat content boxes and modern all-caps fonts. The banners are enhanced with bright, highly visible call-to-action buttons, which encourage sky-high conversion rates.
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32. Vetiver


Vetiver is one of the most popular free templates for OpenCart with a complex homepage structure, modern visuals and well-written and documented code. This template can be used to add a professional vibe to your cosmetics store, and boost its conversion rates.
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Premium OpenCart Templates

33. Flo


Flo is a flagship OpenCart template for interior design and furniture stores. The layout of its homepage is fully based on seamless tiles, allowing for a smarter arrangement of your content – product previews, banners, widgets, etc.
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34. Viva


Viva is another top-notch OpenCart template, which is best suitable for fashion and accessory stores. Its forte is the usage of beautiful serif fonts, which provide this template with a truly luxurious look. Viva boasts large high-res images, nice CSS effects and convenient navigation. If you want to see the entire gallery of professional OpenCart templates, follow this link.
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35. Status Business Cards


This OpenCart template is intended for online stores engaged in selling stationery and office accessories. It boasts a pixel-perfect flat design with a rich-looking color palette, in-built newsletter pop-ups and custom banners. You can also apply multiple labels in order to highlight new and discounted products.
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36. Fishing Store


This Fishing Store OpenCart template was developed for eCommerce vendors, who want to impress their customers with great usability and visual perfection of their store. It combines a clean flat design with enhanced images and complex animated banners. This template is supplied with Google Maps, Google Web Fonts and social media widgets.
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37. Stitching Sewing Store


Simple and intuitive, this responsive OpenCart template is capitivating with its joyful, bright design. Although it doesn’t support mega menus, its navigation is well-structured and user-friendly. This template comes with newsletter forms, an embedded Facebook widget, and a full-featured contact page.
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38. Organic Cosmetics


This Organic Cosmetics OpenCart template significantly simplifies building a beauty store. It includes everything you need to launch your eCommerce business from the ground up; compatibility with the most popular payment gateways, optimized product pages, streamlined checkout mechanics, and much more.
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39. Stationery


Stationery is a responsive OpenCart template with colorful flat design. As its name implies, it is best suited for online stores selling stationery, wares for children, and such. This template looks simple at first sight, but it is spiced up with CSS-based hover effects, which will add dynamism to your store.
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40. Shine


Shine is a completely multipurpose OpenCart template, but its main object is to power fashion stores with a rebellious spirit. If you want to sell some extraordinary stuff, this template will work towards this aspect of your brand’s image. This is one of the most stylish eCommerce templates on this list.
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WooCommerce Themes

Free WooCommerce Themes

41. Muscle Pharm


This free WooCommerce theme, created in a classic color palette, will fit any sport-related online store. It provides stunning transparency effects, expressive banners, Lazy Load, custom Google Maps and parallax scrolling. If you prefer premium design solutions, then go to the collection of more than 200 premium WooCommerce themes.
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42. Shopper


Shopper is an ultra minimalist free WooCommerce theme with a geometric grid layout and clean white background. It supports infinite scrolling, which is extremely popular nowadays. With its help you can display on the homepage as many products as you need.
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Premium WooCommerce Themes

43. FairyStyle


This premium WooCommerce theme for fashion stores can be effectively used not only for eCommerce, but also for blogs and business websites. It offers great, carefully chosen fonts, responsive sliders, mega menus and various post formats.
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44. Wilson and Smith


Wilson & Smith is a responsive WooCommerce theme for tech stores. Its professional layout with a choice of banners, product clusters and content areas is easily customizable, allowing you to modify the look of your shop to your liking. This theme comes with several sidebar styles.
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45. Fishing Online Store


The most impressive aspect about this WooCommerce theme is that it supports background videos. With their help you can effortlessly boost user engagement, increase customer retention and create a professional image for your business.
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46. Coffeera


This beautiful WooCommerce theme gives you a helping hand at setting up a professional looking and multifunctional online restaurant, food store, or food delivery service. It is compatible with the GPL 3.0 license, which means you can freely modify it and use it for any number of stores.
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47. Computers


This is one of those eCommerce templates which are optimized for promoting a small number of featured products. It features a modern design based on Material trend, bright colors, large images with transparent background, and other trendy visual tricks.
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48. Perfume


Use this responsive WooCommerce theme to launch your own cosmetics eCommerce business. Behind its sophisticated layout there are a lot of functions necessary for any successful online store.
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49. Garden Furniture


This WooCommerce theme with a futuristic design provides broad opportunities for setting up an eCommerce store of any size. Its design features abstract geometric shapes, semi-chaotically arranged content elements, good-looking hover animations and fully-fledged product previews.
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50. Natural Foods


Going to launch a food store? Grab this responsive WooCommerce theme, and give a jump start to your business in no time! Designed in green hues, it has a beautiful, appetizing look, and great usability.
Live Demo | More Info
Whichever eCommerce platform you have chosen for your future store, this article features the best eCommerce templates for all of them: best free and premium WooCommerce themes, OpenCart templates, Magento themes, PrestaShop themes and Shopify themes. Browse it once again, and make sure you haven’t missed the template that matches your expectations perfectly.

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