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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Looking for Unique Business Cards? Try Letterpress Printing | Examples

Letterpress Printing has made substantial gains in popularity over our contemporary history, making it one of the most sought after forms of printing available today. This historic print process is one of the oldest forms of relief printing that creates a crisp impression of your printed design. Though timeless and traditional, the recent surge in popularity for Letterpress printing has opened several doors for the printing technique, causing it to ascend to new heights and pushing imaginations for what could be coming down the pipeline and what unique business cards are to be created next.

For example, let’s look at Jukebox, one of the printing companies who has taken advantage of offering letterpress printing. Jukebox has already ascended to some of these new heights with their recent finalization of one of the most complex letterpress designs of all-time, a 15 colour print with tremendously intricate registration. If you are looking for the thickest business card, Letterpress designs can be produced by Jukebox on a wide range of thicknesses, varying from from 20pt to 80pt (yes, you read that correctly). The elegant print process of Letterpress maintains a choice, old-world allure that makes it an epitome of elegance and good taste, commemorating a tradition for fine craftsmanship. Not only this, but Jukebox has combined the specialty print process of Letterpress with their ever-expanding 3D embossing technology, a perfect combination for a splendid, unique business card.

As a pioneer in their field Jukebox is coming up with exciting new products day by day. Check out more unique business cards on the Jukebox inspiration page and see what it takes to create the best business card possible with maybe the only printer venturesome enough to make it happen for you.

Below you can see some examples of creative and unique business card designs created by by Jukebox using letterpress printing:

Black Wolf Vodka

Black Wolf Vodka is a 3d business card with a black wolf protruding prominently from the card. If you were looking to make a great first impression, this card does that quite well. Who wouldn’t remember a black wolf sticking from a business card they’ve just received?


Wilcox Wards Consulting

This consulting company business card takes full advantage of letterpress printing and has a 3rd embossed design that looks like a white, comfortable pillow. This card certainly sticks out and looks much better than a plain, flat business card. It also uses a very thick 40pt stock to raise the card’s surface into multiple levels instead of one. Finally, golf foil is stamped on the surface of the card to create a royal effect.


Anna Beck

This business card for an event planner, Anna Beck, gives “unusual shape” a whole new meaning. Designed in zig-zag format (the actual shape is called a Ribbon) with several 3d elements on the card, this business card is definitely a unique take on presenting your services as an even planner. It uses a total of 3 colors, with die cutting and letterpress printing.



Don’t Try Studio

This branding and illustration studio business card was created to further the studio’s mission of providing design an graphic services. The colorful illustrations on the back of the card (which are 3d, though this may be a bit hard to see from the screen shot) give a really nice touch to this studio’s business card. This card is also made out of 3 stock layers, giving the card a unique texture and feel – especially along the edge. This card also features a total of 5 colors.



This business card, designed by an excellent illustrator Ksenia Denisenko, is in the shape of a lion with really beautiful, intricate details. This business card looks more like a work of art than a business card. A custom, metal dye was created to achieve the custom lion shape of the card. Letterpress printing was used to achieve the beautiful multi-color effect. This card boasts a total of 11 colors and is definitely something that impresses.


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Design your way

Website navigation usability is the most crucial element in design.

It makes the difference between a website where users find what they are looking for and one which causes so much frustration that users want to abandon it.

The whole point of designing a website is to allow access the content, so the success of the design depends entirely on the quality of navigation user experience.

It has the same as the navigation of a ship out at sea, which can mean life or death to the sailors on board. A website that provides a poor navigation loses conversions and can kill the business.

Unlike content, which has to be unique, the navigation should be entirely predictable.

Customers are more likely to make additional purchases or give positive feedback on a website that is a delight to navigate.

Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple
Image source: itsjustyes.com

The simpler the navigation menu is, the better the user experience will be. Bear in mind that a design that is stripped down to the minimum, and only retains the key elements, will have far better navigation usability.

The starting point to how the menu should be designed is the information architecture of the website.

This architecture is formed from the number of categories and the amount of internal linking in the content. Even when this appears to be very complex, the navigation of the website has to be planned in a way that will not ask too much of the user.

Keeping the website navigation simple
Image source: grosselanterne.com

The best way of keeping navigation simple is to define all the different categories and then group relevant items within the content together in such a way that it makes good sense to user.

You can get help with structuring your content into categories by using a focus group or with any testing technique that allows users to let you know of any difficulty they have with finding any of the content they want to access.

Navigation placement

Navigation placement 1
Image source: Frantisek Kusovsky

The placement of different actions will influence how users are going to respond to those actions. Navigation placement on the page requires good organization of all the choices, along with some strong visual clues that will be clearly understood.

Choices that will make an impact on the website’s navigation include actions such as returning to the previous page, watching a video, reading more of the text, visiting an external link and entering personal data.

The most common behavioral pattern when viewing a page, according to research, is F-shaped, with a quick scan horizontally at the top, then scanning down the left side vertically towards the bottom of the page.

Navigation placement 2
Image source: Mani

This is because English speaking people are used to reading from the left side of a page, so they focus their attention on what is on that side. The opposite applies to Arabic speakers, for example, who are used to reading from right to left.

The most effective navigation placement for a menu in English is therefore across the top of the page or down the left side.

Use easy to understand copy

Use easy to understand copy

The wording of a navigation menu also has an important part to play in the navigation UX.

Even when the information listed in a navigation menu is easy to find, difficulties with website navigation will occur if some of the items are described in an unusual way.

Zeta Website
Image source: Saptarshi Prakash

Effective navigation of a website depends on having simple and familiar wording in the menu.

The wording of each item should be kept short and must be to the point. Any attempt to be creative in the naming of categories will only result in the sort of confusion that will lead users away from the website.

The wording used in a menu can vary according to the type of website:

  • Standard wording is familiar and avoids any confusion, so it should be used whenever possible.
  • Minimal wording can be effective when visuals are added for greater clarity
  • Descriptive wording might be necessary if the website has some unusual categories
  • Personalized wording can create a more personal navigation experience when it is appropriate for the website

Sorting categories alphabetically?

In some cases an alphabetic sequence will be the method that works best, but categories should not be listed alphabetically if any of the following points apply:

  • When there is a more logical order for different types of category to be organized
  • When visitors might not be familiar with exact names, so being alphabetical will not help
  • When a large number of categories could mean that some of them need to be prioritized

Links should be organized in a way that is going to allow the greatest number of people to quickly find what they are seeking. If the most frequently used navigation links appear at the top, this is going to save time for users, because they will not need to read through the entire menu to find what they want.

Sorting nav links
Image source: 7diamonds.com

Prioritizing will also prevent the most important navigation links being lost among all the others, or being featured too far too low down on an alphabetic list.

It can also be more of an advantage to a business website to have the most widely used or most critical navigation links placed close together at the top of the menu, rather than included with all the other categories.

Be careful with hover activated menus

A hover activated menu will provide instant access to users of desktop and laptop computers, but it is important to keep in mind that a proportion of the website’s audience will be accessing it on a small touch screen device, which makes hover activation less desirable.

The navigation links will be too small to be accurately tapped on a touch screen device, and scrolling down the menu will also be more difficult.

Graceful degradation is required to be sure that touch screen users can use the same menu as those who are accessing the content through hover activation on a computer.

Ending thoughts

Google Fonts Navigation
Image source: Google Fonts

Website navigation usability relies on having a well designed menu that makes it absolutely clear how to access each part of the website content. Getting this right is just as important as the quality of the content, because navigation has a big influence on how the content is going to be experienced.

The structure of navigation needs to evolve in accordance with new advances in technology. A rapidly rising number of people accessing websites on handheld devices with small touch screens must be taken into consideration.

Ending thoughts on web design navigation usability
Image source: Ghani Pradita

The best starting point for building effective website navigation usability is the information architecture of the content, which includes everything that needs to be linked.

Some theoretical knowledge can help with navigation planning, organization, placement and wording. Combining that theory with knowledge you gain from user testing is the best way to ensure that the navigation user experience of your target audience is as good as it needs to be.

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20 Best Plugins for Joomla Websites

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

If you’re using Joomla as a CMS platform to develop and administer your website, these best plugins for Joomla websites will surely help.

These Joomla extensions will help you upgrade your website’s functionalities and add new features that will help you create a more user-friendly environment for your visitors and also attract possible clients for your business.

We selected some of the most popular Joomla plugins for you, in this list. These are easy to configure extensions, with user-friendly interfaces and very well coded structures.

These best Joomla plugins will offer you a lot of power and increased flexibility, so you can customize and enhance your website.

So here’s a collection containing the best Joomla plugins designed to make your Joomla site a lot better.

Shortcode Ultimate Plugin for Joomla

Shortcode Ultimate is a powerful plugin for creating shortcodes. It’s based on the WordPress shortcode ultimate plugin. Has included 85+ essential shortcodes.


Timetable Responsive Schedule For Joomla

Timetable Responsive Schedule For Joomla is a powerful and easy-to-use schedule plugin that helps you to create a timetable view of your events. It is perfect for gyms, schools, medical departments, and more.

2-Timetable Responsive Schedule For Joomla

Azura – Responsive Joomla Page Builder

This is a simple Drag and Drop page builder that helps you build a Joomla website in just a few minutes, without any coding knowledge required.


Hide My Joomla! – Hide your source Links

Hide My Joomla! lets you get rid of some hacking problems. Hide My Joomla! will delete or change the Meta Generator tag, hide the /administrator URL, and more.


PRI Portfolio – Joomla Module

PRI Portfolio is a Joomla module to display a portfolio on your website. This plugin has responsive settings, Isotope Grid, owlCarousel, 2 layouts: grid and slider, and 8 styles.


Smart SEO – Joomla Plugin

Smart SEO is a Joomla plugin that lets you improve and optimize your content for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and so on.


Joomla On Exit Popup Box

Joomla On Exit Popup Box shows an HTML message to the visitors that are about to leave your website. When visitors try to close the browser, it shows a modal box with your HTML message.


Parallax module Joomla 3.x – 2.x

Parallax module for Joomla 3.0 and 2.5  is a module that adds a smooth Parallax effect to page elements of choice.


Live Broadcast Countdown Module

This Joomla plugin has countdown header text, stream URL, time zone, and an option for setting a timer for morning or afternoon.


PRI Parallax – Joomla Module

PRI Parallax is a Joomla Parallax module for images and videos. It supports images, videos, YouTube and Vimeo. Comes with 12 image / video effects and 12 content effects.


TinyMce Bootstrap plugin for Joomla

With this plugin, you can add a Bootstrap toolbar to Joomla TinyMce. It is useful for complex elements like Menu, Modal, Tab, Carousel, Popover, Collapse, and any Non-Bootstrap custom codes.


PRI Pricing Table – Joomla Module

RI Pricing Table is a Joomla module you can use to display pricing tables on your website. It has a responsive design, grid system, intro text, post text, and more.


Social Slider for Joomla

This is the best Social Slider plugin for Joomla. It is easy to install, has a 3 click configuration, and an awesome tabs design. It’s an easy way to get more shares, more traffic, more fans and increased popularity.


All in One Social Share Joomla Plugin

All in One Social Share Joomla Plugin is a great Social Sharing/Bookmarking plugin for your Joomla Website. Supports Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus, Pinterest and other 108 social bookmarking buttons.


Jom Webplayer – A Joomla Video Gallery Extension

This is a responsive HTML & Flash video share extension for Joomla which can be used to show a single video or to build large video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


UIkit Modules

UIkit Modules is set of Joomla 3 modules based on the uikit framework. Contains the best UI kit components turned into easy to use Joomla modules, to help you display your custom content and Joomla articles.


MK Advanced Articles – for Joomla! articles

MK Advanced Articles is a Joomla! module composer to display your articles in 10+ different themes. Perfect for adding a blog feature to you Joomla site.


Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking

With this plugin, all you need to do is some basic configuration and your website will be ready to start gathering data on transactions and items sold.


Photo Contest Joomla Extension

KeenIT Photo Contest Joomla extension is a photo contest tool.that helps you to  easily manage a photo contest on your website. Winners are selected automatically by votes.


UberTOC – A Responsive Joomla FAQ and TOC Module

This module generates a navigation based on your content. It’s easy to use, you just drop it on any page and the module does the rest.


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