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Monday, April 10, 2017

The layouts that we see on the new website designs are a lot different than the ones that were even a few years back.

In the past years, there have been major changes, thanks to HTML5, CSS3 and the jQuery that everyone loves. The impact of these and the trends they’ve generated is massive on the web design industry.

If before them, we had websites which had a layout based on a standard grid or on a platform that was somehow rigid, nowadays we are having websites that are a lot different.

And that is a good thing, because the designs are getting more and more visual and designers are paying a lot more attention to user interface design and user experience.

I’m happy to see the wheels moving forward in web design and I’m inviting you to check out a few of the cool designs that fall into this category that I’ve been talking about.


InSymbiosis site design

They provide the biopharma industry with an alternative strategy for outsourcing in order to accelerate drug development programs and provide lower costs, thereby enabling critical new drugs to reach patients faster.


Chaptr site design

Chaptr provides forward thinking brands with end-to-end creative products. Their hand crafted digital experiences tell stories that connect with people. Visually powerful and unforgettable.


MENDO site design

MENDO is a candy store for book aficionados with a flagship store situated in one of Amsterdam’s most inspirational neighbourhoods, called The 9 Streets (De 9 Straatjes). The store is fully dedicated to sharing the love for beautiful books.


P22 site design

Héloïse Thibodeau Architecte

Héloïse Thibodeau Architecte site design

Another example of cool web designs is this site. The main goal of the firm is to put forward the outmost standards in excellence in design, while maintaining superior norms in construction.

The firm believes in the importance of applying high regulations for every projects. From conception stages to the final outcome, the team works to guaranty to both the clients and their users the best functionality and the design that make each project a long term success.

Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin site design

Autobiographical and dreamlike, Shantell Martin bridges the fine art and commercial world, as well as the objects, places and conversations of the everyday experience.

RFF — Reykjavik Fashion Festival

RFF — Reykjavik Fashion Festival site design

Les Pédaleurs

Les Pédaleurs site design


Size site design

Size is a small creative agency based in Zagreb, Croatia. They do branding, design and advertising.


7h34 site design

The New Panamera

The New Panamera site design

Redesigned, reimagined, reborn. The new Panamera is like no other sedan in the world.

European Music Incubator

European Music Incubator site design

An innovative European cooperation that will develop support programs to break the boundaries between music sector and other creative sectors at local and European level. All the organizations of the partnership are working throughout the music value-chain.

Erminando Aliaj

Erminando Aliaj site design

Genesis II

Genesis II site design


Wealthsimple site design

They invest your money across thousands of companies using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that track different sectors of the global economy.

This way, you bet on bigger slices of the economy while taking advantage of market diversification, without being impacted by the growth or loss of one company. In a few easy steps, they’ll determine the right mix of investments you should have based on your personal goals.

Volta Footwear

Volta Footwear site design

Ever since the launch of its first collection, Volta’s design idea becomes immediately clear: the blending of different and sometimes even apparently contrasting aesthetic Universes.

Volta’s research focuses on designing and manufacturing the original Instant Classic, synonymous of a contemporary style that withstands the wear and tear of time. site design

They’re not just another digital agency. They are passionate digital creatives who just love the web and its unlimited possibilities.


Taptaro site design

Taptaro is a simple yet effective audio phrasebook of more than 450 useful English words and phrases translated and recorded by native Japanese speakers to help you communicate better and learn more about the Japanese culture.


bearideas site design


DOT site design

DOT is a line of innovative products, dedicated to feminine and hygienic world during the menstrual cycle. Thanks to their 100% Cotton formulation and to its special Combimedica patent, they are not only hypoallergenic but also naturally antibacterial.


HotelTonight site design

One of the cool sites in this list os HotelTonight. It was built because the owners don’t think the big booking websites make great mobile experiences, and they felt the world needs a fresh approach – a reinvention of hotel booking for the mobile era.

l’Amour Fou

l'Amour Fou site design


Character site design

Character is one of the awesome website designs in this list. It is a San Francisco-based branding and design agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands.

Their goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between their client’s brand and their audience through smart thinking and thoughtful design. They aim to do this by crafting stories that touch people on a personal level, sparking a change in their everyday behavior. They also have amazing website ideas.

You Gotta Love Frontend

You Gotta Love Frontend site design

You Gotta Love Frontend has one of the coolest websites and will provide a fun, energized atmosphere in which the field’s freshest minds can share their experiences, creative ideas and latest technologies – over pints of beer. Like-minded developers find an enriching opportunity to interact with each other, learn from one another and establish a professional network of communication.

Madeo Acadaemy

Madeo Acadaemy site design

Based on their experience, you can learn only few things at school that are necessary for practice. When working in a team on large projects it is double true. Therefore, they decided to run – a challenge for all future web developers. All participants will receive some pieces of advice based on our know-how.


Helbak site design

Danish ceramist, Malene Helbak, combines the simplicity of Scandinavian design with a world of exquisite colours. Her ambition is to produce articles for everyday use that make a difference, attract positive attention and become a source of joy in our daily lives.

Why only ever use a cup for drinking coffee or tea? Why not use it for flowers or pencils? Malene Helbak’s simple designs lend themselves perfectly to such multiple uses.

Pen & Quill

Pen & Quill site design

Located at the corner of N. Charles and E. Lanvale, Pen & Quill offers quality food and drinks in a refreshed setting that’s right at home in Station North. Now, one of Baltimore’s most famous buildings is once again full of great food, drinks, and life.


ADAY site design


Goodmoods site design

Another one of these cool website designs is Goodmoods. This is a place of inspiration dedicated to the eShopping and the mix of genres: vintage design with new publishers, art streetwear, from handmade to home-made, the products mix & match to create moods and styles offer: A trend, a time, a combination of colors, a place, an artistic movement, everything is inspiration and the web is an endless source of products and talents.

Scottie & Russell

Scottie & Russell site design

Scottie & Russell established in 2012, after visiting small county shows & St.Tropez markets, Lucy Bee was inspired to develop her own range of fragrance candles & supplying beautiful baby gifts & accessories. Scottie & Russell is now a successful online business having been featured in Glamor magazine, along with an ever increasing select list of stockists throughout the United Kingdom.


Zenhusen site design

One World

One World site design

One World Trading Company offers beautiful things for the home at great prices without compromising on quality, customer service or delivery – whilst maintaining a fun and rebellious spirit along the way.

Freddie Meadows

Freddie Meadows site design

Coming from Sweden and being a surfer aren’t two things regularly intertwined. Especially on a professional level. He was introduced to waveriding at a time when the Swedish surf team was compared to the Jamaican bobsled team.

Since his first wave in Sweden aged 13 he has navigated his way to being the first Swedish Professional surfer and after many years on tour, he am currently on a sabbatical from the contest world; instead, residing at home amongst the familiar swells of the Baltic Sea in search of a little magic.

Moving Waldo

Moving Waldo site design


Fhoke site design

They’re honest folk that believe in hard work and building lasting relationships. They enjoy making companies look better with great design, going above and beyond to please our clients.


Katvig site design

Cultivated Wit

Cultivated Wit site design

They are a company of creative conspirators who tell stories, build community, make products, and teach. They collide comedy, design & technology to bring good ideas to “Earth.”


Ginventory site design

Search for your favourite gin, tonic or garnish and find the Perfect Serve. Discover the best Gin & Tonic combinations according to distillers and connoisseurs.

Creative Clash

Creative Clash site design

Creative Clash is one of the coolest website designs you’ll see and was created and produced by The Infantree, a design and branding studio located in Lancaster, PA. It’s always been a dream of their growing agency to make a game based on their experiences in the wide world of advertising and design.


Postbox site design

Postbox is a new desktop messaging application that offers powerful new ways to find, use, and view email messages and content, organize work life, and simply get things done.

Postbox works behind the scenes to catalog everything in your email: every bit of text, every contact, address or link, every picture, document or attachment. This smart information engine provides you with ultra-fast search, smarter and more intuitive views, and tools to help you organize and focus.


Withings site design

Making the most of innovation, technology and design, Withings invents smart products and apps that fit into any lifestyle that lets you track what matters so you can improve you everyday well-being and aim for better long term health.

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery site design

Tan Handbags

Tan Handbags site design

Another cool web design example is the Tan Handbags site. They are a company specializing in leather handbags of all sorts. Their bags are manufactured from high quality leather. Skilled designers with a long experience of working with the material are creating stylish and practical bags that are hand crafted with precision for a flawless appearance.

P & Co

P & Co site design

P&Co as a brand has now traded online by Clark & Timms for almost three years and has reached customers from around the world all from this very website. Continually creating products and ideas, there’s lots more to come from the pair and the brands journey will continue.

Frank Digital

Frank Digital site design

They create beautiful digital work. But that’s only part of the story. To them, every part of the experience must be beautiful – from user interactions, to your journey throughout the development process (and beyond). They believe it takes the experience of their team and their agency to do both.

Combining strategy, creative and technology, they’ve made a deliberate commitment to putting the user ‘front-of-mind’, and engineered every aspect of our operation to achieve it.

8 Bis Agency

8 Bis Agency site design

Besides having a cool website design, 8 Bis is an innovative brand, design and communication agency that creates consistent dialogues and emotional experiences between brands and customers.


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