20 Best UX Feedback Tools and Resources You Can Use

Friday, July 7, 2017

This post is for all UX designers and UX enthusiasts! These best UX feedback tools and resources will help you gather feedback from your users, quickly and easily. They are also useful for reviews, card sorting, and surveying.

These UX feedback tools will help you validate your ideas and check the opinion of others before launching your project. Moreover, receiving feedback even from the early stages can help you see if your project is user-friendly and will get the attention you want.

So, without any delay, here you have an outstanding set of useful UX feedback tools and more. These are perfect for web designers and UX specialists.


This is a great source from where you can find ot more about customer experience. See what it’s all about and more by following the link below.

Fullstory UX Feedback Tools


A comprehensive analysis of your website is always a great thing as it helps you improve your weak points. Use these usability tools to see and repair what’s missing from your website, to keep your customers happy.

UsabilityTools UX Feedback Tools


This is an amazing analytic tool which gives you various scenarios that users may take when experiencing your projects.

UXCam UX Feedback Tools


You can use OptimalSort to keep your information well organized, to improve your workflow and also to create various navigation paths.

OptimalSort UX Feedback Tools


TreeJack comes in handy in various situations, for instance, it will show you the points where people struggle with your content. This way you can modify your design to make sure you have a user-friendly project.

TreeJack Feedback Tools


Make sure your users are fully satisfied with your project and that they are well guided along your interface. Detect, repair, and optimize your weakest points.

Qualtrics Feedback Tools


SurveyGizmo helps your team members keep a good communication and better work together. Follow the link below and see what it has to offer.

SurveyGizmo Feedback Tools


This surveying tool helps you gather feedback from your users in a few easy steps. You can then analyze the results and see if your site requires any improvements.

Typeform Feedback Tools


Wufoo comes to your aid with a very easy way of creating online forms. Anyone can quickly create useful surveys, contact forms, invitations, etc.

Wufoo Feedback Tools


SurveyMonkey helps you easily send surveys to your target audience. Learn how to that and more by following the link below.

SurveyMonkey Feedback Tools


With the help of this tool, you can receive your users feedback in a few easy steps. This is very useful to entrepreneurs, marketers, product managers, and other professionals who are responsible for the success of the project.

Pickfu Feedback Tools

MailChimp UX Newsletter

Use this MailChimp UX newsletter to keep your users engaged in new and interesting contents, by subscribing.

MailChimp UX Newsletter UX Feedback Tools

UX Weekly Newsletter

UX w, as the name states, provides weekly announcements that refer to user experience notions. If users subscribe to this, they’ll get 5 links each week that contain various articles, analysis, and more UX related info.

UX Weekly Newsletter UX Feedback Tools

UX Design Weekly Newsletter

This is another weekly newsletter which includes continuous information about UX design each Monday. Moreover, it’s completely free.

UX Design Weekly Newsletter UX Feedback Tools

Userfocus Newsletter

By subscribing to this newsletter, you’ll be joining a big community and receive monthly newsletters. These include various UX articles, tutorials, and different resources.

Userfocus Newsletter

My Daily Newsletter 

Check out this daily newsletter that brings you the latest articles and news about UX design. Have a closer look and see what it offers.

My Daily Newsletter

UX Mastery Newsletter

This is an excellent UX newsletter that keeps you up to date with new articles, news and more about how to create a good user experience.

UX Mastery Newsletter UX Feedback Tools

UX Booth Newsletter

Here you have another UX newsletter which sends you emails every week about various topics concerning UX. Also, you can unsubscribe at any time if you want to.

UX Booth Newsletter UX Feedback Tools

Smashing Magazine Newsletter

This is a very useful magazine newsletter where you’ll discover lots of articles, news and other resources about UX. This is perfect for any developer or web designer.

Smashing Magazine Newsletter UX Feedback Tools

UX Notebook Newsletter

Subscribe to this user experience newsletter and you’ll get lots of tips about how to improve your skills and ease your workflow.

UX Notebook Newsletter

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