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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When you just started freelancing, you may have felt you had the skills to make a good living on a 4-hour workday.

Besides, you might have thought you will have a plenty to time left over to go to the beach. Maybe even to follow a few other luxurious pursuits.

Instead, you are having trouble finding time to go to the movies. Or maybe you are not making quite enough money to feel comfortable going to fine restaurants. Chances are, neither your skills or talent are to blame. It’s the tools you’re using.

Here’s how to change your lifestyle with a single click!

How Be Theme Can Clear Your Schedule in 1 Second Flat

How much can you accomplish in a 4-hour workday? With ThemeForest’s top 5 selling Be Theme WordPress theme, you can deliver a website in that amount of time. The application allows you to start from scratch. Be Theme gives you access to 260+ websites, while each of them can be accessed with a single click. You can discover all the opportunities in this 40-second video.

One click = a 4-hour work day. A nice formula!

With such abundance of pre-built websites, you can be sure you will find the perfect theme. Even the most demanding client will be happy – the success is guaranteed! Let’s look into some of the real life examples.

Here are 10 Most-Common Types of Clients You’ll Win Over with Be Theme

For Clients Selling Online Courses: Be eLearning
1 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

When you choose this easy-to-work with, responsive pre-built website, it’s guaranteed that the result will be happy clients. You’ll be giving them what they want most; a beautiful eLearning platform, and happy customers that keep returning for more courses.

For Clients Owning Small Businesses: Be Craftbeer
2 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

Be Craftbeer is just the right pre-built website to get your website project underway when you have a client who sells a handcrafted product. With its focus on large images and cool JavaScript effects, this pre-built website will serve you well for most small businesses.

For Your Interior Design & Architecture Business Clientele: Be Tiles

3 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

The first time you get an assignment from an architect or interior designer, you might be at somewhat of a loss when it comes to understanding their business. Be Tiles can help you create a website that will convince your clients that you not only know your own business, but theirs as well.

For Creative Industries Clients: Be Artist
4 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

Artists and creatives are, by definition, an innovative bunch. They’ll expect no less from you as their website designer/developer. Be Artist’s design will satisfy your clients’ most exquisite standards and tastes. The ways in which you can help them show off their portfolios will mark you as an innovative genius.

For Catering Industry Clientele: Be Burger
5 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

Here’s a pre-built website that will let you set your food service and catering clients apart from the crowd; which is just what they expect from you. Large, good-enough-to-eat images, combined with easy to order forms are designed to significantly boost conversion rates.

For Clients Representing the Fitness and Wellness Industries: Be Sports Club
6 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

The health and fitness industry is booming, yet many of this niche’s websites are just so-so in appearance. The Be Sports Club pre-built website, with its modern design and engaging special effects, is your chance to offer your clients websites that will have them lining up for your services.

For Your Travel and Lodging Industry Clients: Be Hotel2
7 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

Clients representing luxury hotels and results tend to pay well for website design and development services. Don’t be afraid to charge a premium when you can provide them with superb imagery and perfectly-structured sections like those that make up Be Hotel2 – and do so in a few, short hours.

For a Restaurant or Bistro Owner: Be Restaurant
8 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

Be Restaurant has all the makings you’ll need to provide your restaurant- or bistro-owning client with a website the likes of which he or she has never seen before. This pre-built website has been designed to meet the needs and tastes of everything from 4-star restaurants, to diners, to the cozy bistro on the other side of town.

For Your IT Clients: Be VPN
9 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

Building a website for a tech startup owner can be a challenge. These business types expect innovation, and they expect a well-structured site as well. Be VPN satisfies on both counts; and, as you can see, it adds a touch of the human element as well.

For Those Who Sell Luxury Cars: Be Car
10 The Best Tool To Make Your Dream Of A 4 Hour Workday A Reality

Clients who sell luxury automobiles naturally want to own websites that reflect their high-end product line. With Be Car as a starting point, you can easily make this happen. Note the sleek and elegant hero image and a shrewd use of white space throughout. You can’t go wrong.

So, What’s Keeping You Away from Your Dream?

So, what’s keeping you away from your dream of the 4-hour workday? Maybe it’s just procrastination. Or, maybe it’s the belief that working less always means earning less. There are in fact, many different reasons for not making a change if you want to dwell on it.

Ask yourself these questions. What if I had a design/development tool that lets me do what normally takes 10 or 20 hours of my time, in 4 hours or less? What if I had a tool that allows me to work more efficient? What if I had a tool that gives me an opportunity to provide my clients with higher quality deliverables?

There is such a tool, and you’ve just seen ten good examples of what it could do for you. If you insist on working more than 4 hours a day, that’s fine. You’ll make more clients happier that way, and you’ll also be able to save money for beach time – in Tahiti!


It’s as good a time as any to take the leap. Make Be Theme your web design/development tool of choice, you will not regret it. You are just one-click away from relishing your ability to produce amazing websites. Be Theme will make sure you have potential clients lining up at your door. Better yet, many, if not most of those websites can be created in 4 hours, give or take an hour or two.

Finding a way to be more productive is always a good feeling. Discover this new and exciting way to make yourself and your clients happy – one pre-built website at a time.


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